It’s OK To Feel Out Loud

For most of my adult life I stuffed down my feelings. If I was feeling something I thought was bad or embarrassing or anything I thought put a negative light on me I wouldn’t let myself feel it. I would talk down to myself if my feelings bubbled up to the surface, and looked down […]

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Celebrate Instead Of Isolate

The holiday season is here and it’s a time that may not be all that jolly for everyone. I know for myself, before I started my journey on my current path, I dreaded all holidays. It was a time that made me feel like hiding or escaping and I felt pressured to have a good […]

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The Shame And Guilt Quilt

When I was in my disease I walked around constantly wrapped in my shame and guilt quilt. I had done it so long I had gotten quite comfortable in it. It felt safe wrapped in there, but it was keeping me from getting well. I walked around with a lot of guilt and shame before […]

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