Suicide Prevention Week

Hey SLAYERS, September 5 – 11th is Suicide Prevention Week and I am always honored to work with Attitudes In Reverse® in spreading a message of good mental health and suicide prevention. I was recently asked while Zooming into an AIR event what I do to combat my fear. Please find my response below:

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Live Between Always And Never

We often live the way we always have, moving through life without thinking about the choices we’re making, finding comfort in that, thinking our way is the best way, even when we may not be getting the results we want, and keeping our mind closed to new ideas that may solve some of the problems […]

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Take Yourself Off The Wheel

Nothing changes if nothing changes. For years I did the same things over and over and expected different results. Like somehow, magically, things were going to work out when I was using the wrong solution, or I was going to somehow force life to go my way if I just kept repeating the same approach […]

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Examine What You Tolerate

I used to tolerate a lot. From myself, and from those around me. Back then I would rather just let things slide than address something that was bothering me, or even harming me. Either I just didn’t want to make waves, or look bad, or, I was just too mentally exhausted to take it on. […]

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The Stories From Our Past

This is a topic that has come up a few times this week. Negative stories we were told as children about ourselves or we believed to be true about us but were not. Things that adults say because of their own insecurities or illnesses that stay with us into adulthood. Those ideas that we carry […]

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Living In Limbo

These are strange times indeed. Living in limbo, not knowing when life will resume to any kind of semblance of what we knew. When things will come back, safely, and when our freedom to do the things we look forward to doing may be once again an option. It has been hard for me, and […]

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