Slay Say

Good morning SLAYERS! You might feel worthless to one person, and priceless to another. Know your worth. New blog goes up Sunday, until then… SLAY on!

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Happy 3rd SLAYversary

SLAYERS it’s been three years since I started this blog with my first post Gratitude Is The Best Attitude. We have been through a lot together in these 3 years, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve hugged, we’ve listened, we’ve supported each other, and all of you have enriched my life and filled my heart for […]

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Slay It Forward

“Solidarity is not an act of charity, but mutual aid between forces fighting for the same objective” – Samora Machel Kolkata, India. 16th March:  We were having a party. 21st March: Lockdown was declared. The outbreak of COVID-19 wreaked havoc in our lives. But as ever, the communities that are situated at the margins of […]

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Do You Like Yourself?

For most of my life the answer would have been no, although to your face I would have told you I did. From as far back as I can remember I thought I wasn’t good enough. I thought I was weird, different, and thought if you knew who I really was you wouldn’t like me. […]

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Slay It Forward

In recent days, workers at New Orleans’ Ochsner Medical Center who take the familiar stroll from the parking lot to the main entrance have been greeted with expressions of gratitude from an unnamed artist, sketched out on the sidewalk. “If you’re just arriving, thank you for what you’re about to do,” says one. And a […]

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