Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Not every battle can be won. Not every battle is your battle to fight. The only battle that is worth fighting is the battle in your mind that tells you it’s your right to be right, even when the battle has nothing to do with you. New blog goes up Sunday, until […]

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Slay Talk Live TODAY!

Hello SLAYERS! There is a special SLAY TALK LIVE today at 12noon PT / 3pm ET. Please join us for an hour of caring, sharing, love and laughter. To set a reminder, watch, or join in, click this link: SLAY TALK LIVE Talk to ya later SLAYER!

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Just Part Of The Passing Parade

I used to engage with everything that I came my way. I would get into pointless arguments, make sure my opinion was known, explain to someone the ‘right’ way to do something, basically insert myself into each situation that crossed my path. I felt I had to. It was what was right. What I didn’t […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! You are enough. Let your true self shine and others will find you with the same light. SLAY on!

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Wanting To Be Forgotten

For a lot of my life I just didn’t want to stand out. I wanted to blend in with the scenery. I thought that if I stood out, you were going to notice what a piece of crap I really was, that you would know I wasn’t worthy, wasn’t good enough, didn’t belong. I went […]

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