Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER!  We are what we tell ourselves, so feed yourself with positive thoughts and surround yourself love and with what nourishes you. New blog goes up Tuesday, until then…SLAY on!  

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Which Wolf Are You Feeding?

I was recently with a group of friends and we were talking about the fight that many of us face each day, the internal struggle, the fight of good versus evil, one of them shared a story their Grandfather used to tell him as a child, an old Cherokee legend, it goes: “It is a […]

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Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYER!  It can be scary to begin, to make changes in your life, and start a new path, but the willingness to try is your key to freedom, just the act of being willing opens the door to a whole new world, and your willingness will help you take each step as you […]

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Willingness: The Key To Change

Willingness is the start. That little bit of light in the darkness. That light that, when we are willing, can get brighter, and bigger, and set the ball in motion to change. Sometimes the idea of making changes in our lives can be daunting, it seems like a lot of work, and, a lot of, […]

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Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYER! The only obligation you have is to be your authentic self. No matter what others’ expectations may be for us, who we are, and what role we play in their lives is our decision, no one gets to dictate who we should be, that role is ours alone, and one we should […]

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Slay Talk Live Next Wednesday

Good morning SLAYERS! Join me next Wednesday, September 13th, at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET for another hour of SLAY TALK LIVE where we talk about the topics you want to talk about and I answer your questions live on all things STATE OF SLAY. For those who weren’t able to join us last month, […]

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People Cast Us In Their Lives

I don’t think it ever occurred to me, until I started on this journey and began to make positive changes in my life, that some of the people in my life might push back and not support me in my journey, that some people in my life wouldn’t support that I was becoming a better […]

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Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYER! When we stop looking for happiness in our past, we open ourselves up to finding happiness within ourselves and in those places that love, support and nourish us today, and what we may find is, those things we thought held the key to our happiness, we never really needed at all. New […]

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Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYER! The only thing that grows in our comfort zone is our fear to step out of it. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Take a leap of faith and step outside what makes you feel safe and see what magic is waiting for you when you have the courage […]

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