You Have To Be At Your Strongest When You Are At Your Weakest

Now that may sound like an impossible task, but it is in those moments when we may feel we are at our weakest that we must dig down and found our strength. I know, in my life, there have been many times when I have found an inner strength I may not have even realized I had in that moment, and used it power through a difficult time. We are stronger than we think, and often if I take a moment to sit back and remind myself of all that I have overcome so I can appreciate my courage and strength, and remember it during difficult times. It is when we feel our lowest where our true strength is tested, but it is there, waiting for us to pick it up and carry us through.

Thinking back to my lowest times I didn’t always utilize my strength. Many times I let myself believe that I was weak, that I was beaten and wasn’t worth fighting for. I had moments of strength, but then I would peter out and listen to the negative chatter in my head. That mighty sword of strength inside of me was awfully heavy on certain days. And there was one day in particular where my weakness almost won and I put down that sword to surrender, but even at that lowest point I didn’t, that strength inside of me, although that strength was quiet, it still had enough strength to reach out for help, or cry out for help, as I fought for my life. That was enough for me to rally, to build that strength and fight and to come back from something I shouldn’t have been able to. I think of that moment, and others on my path, and know that it is possible to gather strength in those weakest moments, it isn’t easy, but it is possible.

For me my strength is in my inner warrior, the survivor in me that has walked with me and protects that little inner me inside. My strength is my spirituality, that force that I connect with that keeps me grounded and I believe protects me, even from myself. My strength comes from all that I have overcome, have fought for and have shared with others, and they with me. I surround myself with other strong people, who, when I may be in doubt, remind me of my strength and lend me theirs until I find my own again. I know that when I feel weak I need to get strong, I know that I cannot afford to believe I am weak, and allow myself to fall or believe I have lost my strength, my strength is kept alive by my belief in it, by me using it to propel me forward and by trusting it will keep me standing tall. My strength comes from that little fire inside of me that burns bright even in the darkest hours. And my strength grows when I am able to share it with others and connect with those like myself. My strength will never fail me as long as I continue to believe I have it and lean on it when I feel weak.

We all have strength, some of us more than others, but it’s there, and for many of us it has been challenged this year, in many ways, and yet we are still here, we’ve made it to another month, another season, the start of a new week. We are all stronger than we may think, and it is during these times that we need to find that strength and use it to get through these times, to pick up our swords and fight for someone who is worth that fight, you, me, us. Find the strength within yourself to fight for yourself. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Are you able to find your own strength even when you feel weak? How do you do that? How has your strength carried you through difficult times? Have you ever doubted your strength? When? Why? How were you able to overcome it? Are you able to use those times that you did overcome things in your life to overcome others remembering your strength? Find your strength today and share it with someone who may need some help finding theirs. We are all stronger than we think.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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