Living With Unsolved Problems

We all have them, those things in our lives that we just can’t figure out, or, we can’t solve because another person may not want to discuss or engage with us to find a solution, or things that are out of hands and out of our control and they can eat away at us. I used to let those things take control of me. I thought I needed to solve everything, to my own satisfaction, and I wouldn’t let things go. It literally drove me crazy, trying to force solutions when sometimes, there wasn’t one to be found, just acceptance of what was and me giving myself permission to move on. But, moving on and acceptance where not part of my vocabulary before this path, so I would continue to let it frustrate and anger me. Not a fun place to live.

I’ve talked about acceptance before, it truly is the key to most of our problems. Things often, don’t look and feel the way we think they should, or would want them to, and it’s about finding a way to accept that, if there isn’t a way to change it, and learning to move on. For those of you who just recoiled from that statement this blog is especially for you. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worth surrendering your peace of mind for, especially if it’s just a prove a point or to make sure you’re right. Our own serenity is what’s most important, not the imaginary scorecard we sometimes carry around in our minds of the wrongs we feel must be righted. For me it became a matter of life and death, the things I fought so hard to control and solve on my own were not solvable by me alone, once I was able to let go and accept that, my world got bigger, and brighter, and I was able to look outside myself for some new possible solutions, and I found them. Then there are those things that may never be solved, because the situation has come to a standstill with no possible way of movement, or someone has passed and so a solution may be impossible, or, there just is no way to resolve the situation in the place you are right now. Which brings me to my next point.

Just because you’re letting something go doesn’t mean a solution may not present itself in the future. I always say, ‘never say never,’ because I’ve seen miracles happen in my own life where solutions are found to problems that have seemed unsolvable for many many years, so find peace with those things you can’t solve currently, and be open to a possible solution in the future, but don’t wait for it, trust that if one is possible it will present itself when you are ready, or the circumstances have changed enough it can be solved. Time can be the missing factor to the solution, and that is not something you can cheat or force, time works on its own schedule, so, let it do it’s thing while you continue doing yours.

There will always be things in our lives we have no control over, things we cannot solve, so if we want to live a happy life it’s up to us to find some peace and acceptance around those things. Do all you can to figure it out, but know when to walk away, your peace of mind is worth so much more than finding a solution that you forced yourself to find, sometimes no solution is the solution, at least for now.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you have a hard time letting things go? Do you have to find a solution for everything? Do you let those unsolved problems in your life affect you and your life? How so? How do you think it benefits you to push yourself to find a solution to those things that may not be solvable currently? How does it hurt you? How can you learn to find acceptance around those things you are not able to solve right now? Write them down. Allow yourself to find the answers in your own time, and learn when to pause and walk away until that time is right, sometimes we are not meant to find the answer today, that answer is waiting for us when we are meant to find it, and many times, when we have stopped looking for it. SLAY on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

3 thoughts on “Living With Unsolved Problems

  1. As every post you write hits home, this one does as well.

    I used to think that acceptance = complacency. That it was a weakness or inability to cope with the issues at hand. I’m now at a point in my life where I realize that acceptance is the exact opposite – it’s STRENGTH. It’s an awareness of what you are dealing with and it’s a deliberate, conscious decision to think through what’s at hand and determine what’s within our nexus of control.

    Things out of our control are just that – so why waste time spinning wheels over what can’t be changed – whether temporarily or permanently, when we can treat ourselves better and recognize what we can do to help ourselves to move on.

    Thank you for your insightful, powerful words!

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    1. You’ve found the sweet spot Jodi, that magical place where self care wins over ego and needing things to look a certain way. Life ebbs and flows, and it’s about learning to bob around on the waves and not let it rock your boat.

      Love you SLAYER!


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