You Become The Fears You Dwell On

Most of us have fears, but when our focus is on them we become what we fear. We invite them to take power over us and many times they become a self-fulfilling prophesy and manifest in our lives when we put too much energy into them. I’ve written before about attracting the energy we want in our lives, and when we are living in fear, or negativity, that is often what comes back to us, as with our fears, when we live in fear of something we are sending that energy out and that energy may come back. By thinking about something we fear we may take on characteristics of what we fear by constantly thinking about it, we may not even be aware we are doing it, but slowly we may adopt mannerisms or habits that contribute to us turning into what we fear most.

When I was living in my illness I feared most of life. All of my energy was based in fear and there were certain elements I feared most. As my illness got worse so did my fear and it began to affect most of my life. I was aware that my fear was taking over and yet I did nothing to stop it. I tried to distract or numb myself from it, but that became more difficult to run from as my fear grew and I began to become exactly what I feared. I was aware that it was happening and instead of making better choices, or seeking help, I fed into my fears even more and they continued to get worse and dominate my life. I was fortunate that the good fear, that fear that keeps us safe and helps to make good decisions for ourselves kicked in when things got really dark and I was able to find the courage to reach out for help. There was fear wrapped up in that as well, I feared that I would be judged, that I would be thought of as crazy, or that I was beyond help. None of those fears were realized, what I found was an abundance of help and support as I began my road in recovery. While on this path I learned to tame my fears, to focus on the positive and put my energy toward things I want to see happen in my life, things I am hoping to come into my life and I’ve learned to be open to change. I’ve learned that when I keep an open mind and an open heart that life gives me signals and guidance as to where to go next and what opportunities I should take advantage of, and I’ve developed a connection with that force or a spiritual side that I know points me in the right direction, watches over me, and protects me so I no longer feel the need to live in fear. That’s not to say that I am never afraid, I am, and I acknowledge that fear when it comes up, but I don’t live in it today, and I don’t let it make decisions for me.

It can be easy to live in fear and let that be the driving force in our lives, but when we do we become what we are most afraid of. This is a challenging time, but the perfect time to focus on the good things you would like to see for yourself and your family. Use that energy to bring positvity into your life and focus on overcoming your fears, often we can do this just by asking ourselves what action we can take to work through our fear. We have the power to keep our fears at bay and to live a healthy and happy life. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you tend to live in fear? What are you most fearful about? What can you do to ease those fears? Do you find that you may have become what you most fear? How so? How can you change that? How can you add some positive action in your life today? SLAYER, find a way to take control of your fear and use it to tell you where you can do the most work. When we take action our fear goes away, it is when we sit and dwell on it that we give it more power. Take your power back and take action.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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