You Attract What You Are Not What You Want

How many times in your life have asked yourself why you keep attracting the same people or the same situations? You feel like your life is repeating itself because you keep running into the same things over and over again? Have you ever asked yourself why that might be? We attract what we put out, and sometimes what we may think we’re putting out there what we’re putting out at all. We may think of ourselves as one way but we may not be walking the walk and actually acting the way we think we are, so what we attracting is actually a reflection of who we actually are. Maybe that gave you a pause. But it is important to ask yourself, how much of what comes into your life is attracted to who you are, not who you think or say you are?

When I was living in the dark I often asked myself why negative people and situations were coming into my life. I often joked that I must have been a horrible person in another life because I kept attracting negativity. The truth is I was living in the negativity of my mind, and even though I tried to be a good person, a good friend, a good sister and daughter, that negativity clouded my thoughts, actions and energy around me. Negativity seemed to follow me around wherever I went and no matter what I did I couldn’t seem to shake it, at least not for long. My thoughts and the actions I directed at myself were always negative. Even when something good was happening in my life, or I was enjoying something, I always feared it would be taken away, or that I was undeserving of it, so that negative thinking would soon creep in again. I didn’t want to be a negative person, and I didn’t consider myself one, but then something negative would happen and that would set me off into my negative thinking. It wasn’t until I began my journey in recovery that I realized how much negativity was manifested by me and my thinking. When I expected negative things to happen, they would, when I would look for negative things I would always find them, and even if I would pretend to be positive, and may even feel positive for a moment or two, when I was living in a negative mindset that is what would come back to me, negativity. It didn’t matter who I thought I was, it mattered who I was, and how I was living my life, and my negative thinking began to produce negative actions, and behavior I was not proud of. When I began to be the person I had wanted to be more positivity came into my life, and that’s not to say that only positive things came my way, some negative came to, but more positive came than negative, especially when I was actively looking for it. We can’t fool life and the energy around us, we may think we are one way, or we may want to be a certain way, but if we’re not authentically living that life what we attract will be who we really are, not what we say or aspire to be. We have to live it to receive it.

Live a life that is true to your heart, do the work you need to get rid of the roadblocks that may be preventing you from being your true and best self. It is then, and only then that you may see a change in what and whom you attract. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you find that you’re attracting people and things into your life you don’t like? What don’t you like about them? Why do you think you’re attracting them? Do you think it could be something about who you are and what you’re doing that may be attracting them? How so? Are you unhappy with what you’re attracting? What can you do to change that? Are you being honest with yourself about who you are and how you’re living your life? If not, do you think that perhaps that may be why you’re attracting people and things into your life that you may not want? What positive change can you make in your life today SLAYER? We can’t outsmart life, the energy we give out is what comes back to us. Don’t like what you’re getting, make some changes.   

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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