Start With Gratitude, End With Thank You

When I was living in the dark I woke up angry that I woke up at all, I used to pray that I would die in my sleep, not because I wanted to die, but because I wanted to stop the negative cycle I was living in. Not sharing my truth with anyone, I had no other solutions on my own, and so hoping to not see the morning light was something I hoped for nightly, instead of asking myself what positive actions I could take the next day. Hoping for something is not a solution, hoping doesn’t get us anywhere or improve our situation, we need to do the work to make that happen, and until I was willing to do that work, I continued in that negative cycle until I couldn’t take it any longer.

I’m grateful for my desperation back then, it was what pushed me forward to look for a solution to the way I had been living my life. My desperation caused me to walk through my fear of sharing my truth and motivated me to take the right action. I knew I was living in a dangerous place, and had started to take chances with my life and safety that could have lead me to places where I no longer had the choice to seek help, so when I finally did, that realization and finding the courage to reach out for help were my first pieces of action I took that began my journey on this positive path. I had a long road ahead of me, and, really, we’re always learning and growing as we go, or we should be, but laying the foundation to a new life that was grounded in gratitude was were I began, and where I still live today. I was recently asked what I do to stay positive, especially now during these uncertain times, and my answer, I start my day with gratitude. Whether I make an actual list or just begin the day pausing and thinking about what I am grateful for, that act sets the tone for the day. Now, there are many things that may derail my grateful thinking throughout the day, but if I go back to my gratitude list, or engage in a positive act, it brings me back to positive thinking, and a place where I am most productive and like myself. To end the day I say thank you. I may, again, make a list, but sometimes it’s just an overall thank you, going back the gratitude I felt throughout the day. When I bookend my day with gratitude and thank you it gives me the best chance of having a good day and restful sleep, something I also need to keep my mind in a positive space, the rest I need. Living a positive life involves taking care of those things we need to keep us healthy and happy, doing what’s best for us and what allows us to be our best selves.

You may wake up some mornings and your mind immediately goes to what you’re dreading, but before you peel yourself out of bed, stop and pause for a moment, ask yourself what you are grateful for and see if that changes your mood. We all have at least one thing, and likely many more, to be grateful for, and when we focus on those things the other things we dread don’t seem so bad. I also like to plan for something I like to do after something I have to do, that way instead of focusing on what I’m dreading I’m thinking about what I’m looking forward to, but still staying present and getting done what needs to be done, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. When we make a conscious effort to live with gratitude in our heart, even the grayest day seems to come with some rays of sunshine, and when they do, don’t forget to say thank you. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you tend to start your day in a positive or negative mood? What starts your day in a negative space? What can you do to turn that around? What have you tried in the past? Why doesn’t that work? Or, have you not tried at all? If not, why not? Do you allow your negative start to bleed into the rest of your day? If yes, why? What can you do, when you notice the negativity creep in, to change that negative day into a positive one? Do you think about what you are grateful for each day? Do you say thank you for what you have and appreciate in your life? If not SLAYER, practice doing those things and see how that changes that negative thinking to one that focuses your gratitude.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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