The Shame And Guilt Quilt

When I was in my disease I walked around constantly wrapped in my shame and guilt quilt. I had done it so long I had gotten quite comfortable in it. It felt safe wrapped in there, but it was keeping me from getting well. I walked around with a lot of guilt and shame before […]

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Avoid Slippery Places

As we walk our own path, working to be our best selves, giving back to others, and challenging ourselves to grow and move forward, we can sometimes hit a slippery patch if we’re not paying attention to where we’re going. Those slippery patches can be different for all of us, depending on what we’re not […]

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Healthy Fear

Until stepping onto this path my life was ruled by fear. Fear ran my life and was the basis of all my decisions. I would never have admitted that, or even identified it as such, but that was the truth. I was in fear of missing out, I was in fear of not getting what […]

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Deny Denial

When I was living in my disease I was totally in denial about how sick I was. I would tell myself stories about how it was everyone else’s fault or that things weren’t really that bad, they were. No matter what happened, or how bad things got, I never admitted the truth to myself until […]

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You Can Waste Your Life Trying To Stay In The Lines, Or You Can Live Your Life Crossing Them

I’ve always identified myself as a rule breaker. Someone who didn’t follow the pack and didn’t stay within the lines, and I did to an extent, but what I didn’t realize is that, even though I wasn’t following and staying in the lines that society told me I had to,  that freedom I wore so […]

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Possibility vs. Comfortability

We all love the possibilities of possibilities. Possibilities are new. Fresh. A place we may have never gone before, or a place, we’ve always wanted to go. And as exciting as possibilities are, they can also be scary, because, of all the same reasons. Those reasons can sometimes paralyze us and keep us in a […]

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Level Up

I was never much of a gamer, and if you’re asking yourself what a gamer is, you’re probably not much of one either. Growing up my brother was always into video games, I would sometimes sit and watch him for hours as he mastered the game and always managed to find those secret parts to […]

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