Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Are you distracted by the distraction of your distraction? Make sure you’re not trying to use outside things for an inside job. New blog goes up Sunday, until then…SLAY on!

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When I was very ill, it was obvious what needed to change in my life for me to get better, and once I removed that from my life my disease started to reach for other things that I could use to try to fill the void I felt inside, to soothe me or to try […]

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Hold On For The Good

Today is the 9 year anniversary of the night I should have died. I’ve written about that night in a blog entitled “A Power Greater Than Myself,” it was a night I should not have survived, and a night, back then, where a part of me wished I hadn’t. I had struggled with depression for […]

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Deny Denial

When I was living in my disease I was totally in denial about how sick I was. I would tell myself stories about how it was everyone else’s fault or that things weren’t really that bad, they were. No matter what happened, or how bad things got, I never admitted the truth to myself until […]

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Creativity Takes Courage

It takes a lot of courage to express yourself in a creative way. When we share who we are in a creative outlet we are vulnerable. We are vulnerable to criticism, judgment and perhaps not being accepted as someone who has something valid to offer. Probably more people than most never take the leap and […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! You have two hands, one for helping yourself, and one for helping others. New blog goes up Tuesday, until then…SLAY on!

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You Matter

This week we lost two creative, talented, successful people to suicide. Both came as a shock, to me, and most people. How could two different people, seemingly both “having it all”, make the decision to take their own lives? It seems unfathomable, except to those who have been there, who understand the despair and anguish […]

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Slay Talk Live Next Wednesday

Good morning SLAYER! Another SLAY TALK LIVE is only one week away. Join me for an hour livestream full of SLAY TALK and a lot of love, support, and laughter. If you haven’t joined us before, here’s what you missed last month, and hopefully you can join in next Wednesday, December 13th, 5:30pm PT / […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! The meaning of life is to find our gift, your purpose is to give it away. SLAY on!  

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