Slay It Forward

The protests in Minneapolis and across the country are resonating with people of all ages, leaving many wondering what they can do to help. © Jamie Stoia Kamryn Johnson, right, and her friends Lexi and Mikayla, 9, at the bracelet stand on the front lawn of Kamryn’s home. They have been gathering there every day for the past […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYERS! The only thing more exhausting than having mental illness is pretrending you don’t have it. New blog goes up Sunday, until then…SLAY on!

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Maybe Is Enough

Sometimes setting out to start on a new path can seem daunting. The hills you have to climb seem insurmountable, and you can feel defeated long before you even begin. Your mind will tell you you will fail, it will site all the times you’ve let yourself, and others, down, it will tell you you […]

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Join our Valentine’s Campaign!

Originally posted on IMAlive:
When you look around and it seems like everyone is spending Valentine’s day with their special someone… Know that you are not alone. We at IMAlive, PostSecret and unsuicide, want to invite you to be the love we all deserve, and become a part of our #ThereIsAlwaysMe campaign. Join IMAlive, PostSecret,…

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