Super SaturSlay – Overcoming Shame

Good morning SLAYER!  This is the first Super SaturSlay post! Saturday’s are now devoted to you! That’s right. Share how you’ve changed, challenged yourself, or overcome something in your life through STATE OF SLAY™ or the SOS community and see your story posted on! Each SaturSlay will be a new post of inspiration from […]

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Loneliness Is Curable

If someone had told me that my loneliness was curable before stepping on this path I would have laughed. I had always felt lonely, even in a big room full of people. I always felt apart from everyone else, different, and those feelings kept me from connecting with others. I always had friends, and had […]

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Nice Lady

There’s a supermarket I frequent in Los Angeles, I typically go in two to three times a week, and most times I walk in there is a security guard I say hello to as I pick up my basket. I always make sure to start my shopping with a hello to him and a smile, […]

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Join our Valentine’s Campaign!

Originally posted on IMAlive:
When you look around and it seems like everyone is spending Valentine’s day with their special someone… Know that you are not alone. We at IMAlive, PostSecret and unsuicide, want to invite you to be the love we all deserve, and become a part of our #ThereIsAlwaysMe campaign. Join IMAlive, PostSecret,…

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER!  No matter where you come from, where you are, or what you’ve done, we are here. You are loved. You are worthy. Your voice will be heard. If you are suffering, reach out from the darkness, you are not alone. New blog goes up Sunday…until then, SLAY on!

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