Giving Love To Get Love

Giving love should be it’s own reward. It shouldn’t matter whether that love is returned or not, it’s nice, and it’s preferable, but should not be the intention behind the love you give. If you’re giving love only to get it in return your intentions or motives cancel out the love you are giving, it’s […]

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W.A.I.T. – Why Am I Talking?

I was with a group of people yesterday and we were talking about how the greatest gift, or way of being of service to someone, is to listen. Many times that’s all anyone wants, to be heard, and yet, too many times we chime in with our opinion or experience before they’ve had a chance […]

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Healthy Fear

Until stepping onto this path my life was ruled by fear. Fear ran my life and was the basis of all my decisions. I would never have admitted that, or even identified it as such, but that was the truth. I was in fear of missing out, I was in fear of not getting what […]

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Sing For Joy, No Other Reason

We should always do what makes our spirit bright, and for no other reason but that. We can get caught up in doing things for the recognition, for our ego, for bragging rights, to prove our worth, but none of those things will fill us up like just doing it for the joy of it. […]

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It’s OK To Say No

I’ve written before that is it’s OK to be sad, it’s OK to not be OK, it’s OK to ask for help, it’s OK to say you don’t know, but it’s also OK to say no. Before stepping on this path I never wanted to say no, even if saying yes made me angry or […]

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Peaceful Warrior

I was sitting across someone the other day who was wearing a cap that said Peaceful Warrior on it. I watched him, and he certainly did look like a warrior, he was a pretty solid guy, but he also looked grounded, and, as advertised, peaceful. It reminded me as we walk our path that when […]

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It’s Not Personal

Most of the time how people react to us is not personal, not to us anyway, it’s their own battle that they’re fighting and we just happen to be at the receiving end of it. There’s that quote, we’ve seen it many times, “Be Kind. For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know […]

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Self-Righteous Anger

We’ve all been there, those moments when we feel 100% in the right and 100% wronged. Our anger flares up, we warned them not to do this, we told them it was coming if they did, so stand back and take my wrath. At the end of the day if we have a problem with […]

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Slayer Say

Good Morning SLAYER! When our intentions are in the right place, and we know what other people’s intentions are, we are less likely to cause or run into problems because of miscommunication or lack thereof. Make sure you let your intentions be known and don’t be afraid to ask what someone else’s are. Everyone has […]

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