Overthinking Overtalking

There is so much power in a pause. Not only from our mouth, but also our minds. Before walking this path I was always thinking and talking too much. Worried I wasn’t going to get what I wanted, or I was going to lose what I had, my mind and mouth was always going, partly […]

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Slay Say

Good morning  SLAYER! Jealousy is the cousin of greed. When we focus on what we want and lose sight of what we need. New blog goes up Sunday, until then… SLAY on!

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER!  You might not be able to control someone else’s bad behavior, but you can control if you participate in it. New blog goes up Tuesday, until then… SLAY on!

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Living In Grace, Not Mercy

My life before was one based in fear. I was in fear of what was to come, I was in fear of what I had done and I was constantly asking for forgiveness and mercy when I had no intention of changing or following through on what I had promised. I walked with my head […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Forgiveness is a daily practice. New blog goes up Friday, until then… SLAY on!

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Surrender For The Win

Before walking this path I thought of surrender for a four letter word. I considered myself a warrior, a fighter and able to overcome anything that came my way, I had already overcome a lot, and wore those victories like badges of honor. But when I found myself in a downward slide, one that, no […]

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The Negative Space

I was in a conversation someone who works in design the other day and she was talking about the beauty of negative space. It made me think, that yes, there is beauty in not having to fit everything in, in order or right in line with the next. There is something very beautiful with space […]

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