Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! You can only accept mistakes and flaws in others to the degree that you accept your own. New blog goes up Tuesday, until then…SLAY on!

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! You’ll never notice the beauty around you if you’re too busy running around trying to create it. New blog goes up Friday, until then…SLAY on!

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Embracing Is Acing

Before walking this path the only thing I was embracing were the outside things I thought would fill me up. None of them ever did, not in the long-term. Sure I might get a hit of satisfaction or relief, but soon after that emptiness would creep back in. Back then, I couldn’t even fathom embracing […]

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Shutter Shame

How often have we let shame get in the way of living the life we want to have? How often have we let it limit us, hinder us, and diminish us? We think our shame is a way to protect us from being hurt, from being rejected, from allowing others to see who we really […]

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Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYER!  Learning to celebrate our flaws, loving them, and turning them into strengths makes us flawsome! We have the power to do that. Loving ourselves and embracing our uniqueness gets us on the road to flawsomeness, as we continue to accept and love ourselves we work towards finding a place where we stop […]

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