Hear Your Own Complaints

I know for myself that no matter how bad I might complain about something, or feel that something is, it never warrants me going to back to the way I lived my life before. As I always remind myself, my worst days today are still better than my best days back then, but my mind […]

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We Do What We Know

We are only as good as the information that have been passed down to us. The information we’ve observed. And the information we’ve sought out. But many of us don’t seek out other ways of doing things because we usually think we have all the information we need. Many times we don’t. What may have […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Every time you judge someone you reveal a part of yourself that needs healing. New blog goes up Sunday, until then…SLAY on!

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Shared Suffering

When I was suffering from my disease the most I wasn’t sharing what was going on with anyone. I isolated and kept my pain to myself believing that no one would understand, would care, or that everyone else had their own problems so I need not burden them with mine. That rationale kept me sick […]

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If You Spot It You’ve Got It

Typically those things we find irritating others, those things we judge, or dislike, are things we also have, or dislike about ourselves. We may not always recognize that, we may be in denial that we too exhibit the same behavior, quirk or flaw, but there’s a reason we’re zeroing in on someone else and picking […]

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Wanting To Be Forgotten

For a lot of my life I just didn’t want to stand out. I wanted to blend in with the scenery. I thought that if I stood out, you were going to notice what a piece of crap I really was, that you would know I wasn’t worthy, wasn’t good enough, didn’t belong. I went […]

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Communication Is The Key

Communication is something I had to learn on this path. It was not a skill I had growing up, I was too full of fear to speak up, to reach out, or to dare share my truth. There were so many times, looking back, when I was asked about my feelings, or what I thought, […]

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Peaceful Warrior

I was sitting across someone the other day who was wearing a cap that said Peaceful Warrior on it. I watched him, and he certainly did look like a warrior, he was a pretty solid guy, but he also looked grounded, and, as advertised, peaceful. It reminded me as we walk our path that when […]

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Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYER! It’s easy to compare how we’re feeling to what we’re seeing, but today SLAYER remind yourself, you are your only competition, not knowing anyone else’s journey, we focus on our own, and compare ourselves today to were we’ve been, and were we want to go. SLAY on!

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