Slay It Forward

Stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic have forced many families to keep their distance from each other, but that didn’t stop one Rockford, Illinois family from finding a creative way to show their great-grandmother some love. Using a window insulation kit, duct tape, PVC pipes and livestock gloves, Carly Marinaro was able to develop a safe […]

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We Become What We Do

Before walking this path I had become someone I wasn’t very proud of. It happened over time, each time I crossed a line I said I never would I became someone darker, more ashamed, and further away from who I truly was, and the more I made poor choices and didn’t honor my true self […]

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Validation: But What About Me?

Hey, we all love a little validation for a job well done, or a good deed, or just for being the best we can be right? It’s nice to feel appreciated, but when that validation becomes the only reason for doing something it becomes a problem. I’ve talked about how we shouldn’t do anything unless […]

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