Slay It Forward

Like most universities, Virginia Tech’s College of Veterinary Medicine celebrated the class of 2020 with an online commencement ceremony. But unlike other schools, they included one very good boy in the graduating class: a dog named Moose. The Labrador retriever, an 8-year-old therapy dog at the Cook Counseling Center, received an honorary doctorate in veterinary […]

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Break The Chains

There are several chains we create that hold us back, that tie us to those who have hurt us and that we continue to add links to all on our own. We start, early in life, by repeating what we see, what we’re taught, and what we’re told, we start building those chains, adding links […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Comfort can be found in the quiet. New blog goes up Friday, until then… SLAY on!

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Feeling Your Feelings

Before stepping on this path I never wanted to feel. Good, bad, anything. It hurt too much to feel the bad, and I didn’t think I deserved the good. So I looked for ways to stuff down my feelings, to quiet them, or if I could, numb them all together. I lived like that for […]

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Talk To Your Younger Self

I’ve brought this up before, especially for those struggling with self-care and negative self-talk, to talk to your younger self, or care for your younger self, because sometimes it’s easier to start there, you wouldn’t treat that little you as harshly as you would the you of today. I’ve often thought about what I would […]

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