Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it, keep fighting, always. New blog goes up Sunday, until then… SLAY on!

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Fighting Your Own Battle

Most of us have probably heard or read a quote saying, be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about, and, maybe we do know the battle they’re fighting, but that may not make it easy to fight your own while someone is fighting theirs alongside you. It took me years to […]

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Freedom Fighter

When we’re sitting in the dark we may dream of a hero swooping in to save us, a superhero, of sorts, who understands us and shows us the way out. Someone who can fix things and make everything better. Someone who will bring light into our darkness and use that light to show us the […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! You don’t have to fight every battle. You don’t have to respond to every critic.. You don’t have to be offended by what others say. You can simply walk away. New blog goes up Sunday, until then…SLAY on!

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Let Your Heart Shine

We lost a bright star yesterday. As I was in the air, traveling, my Uncle passed away. I’ve spoken about him before, on SLAY TALK LIVE, he had been battling cancer for the past 9 years, and yesterday he found his rest from that battle. What I will carry with me moving forward, and forever […]

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Never Give Up

I’m spending the weekend with two beautiful souls and have gotten into some lengthy conversations about our stories, our journeys and what has brought us to where we are. Each of us has had a bumpy road, some of the bumps unique to each of us, but many we share in the commonality of having […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Not every battle can be won. Not every battle is your battle to fight. The only battle that is worth fighting is the battle in your mind that tells you it’s your right to be right, even when the battle has nothing to do with you. New blog goes up Sunday, until […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Don’t throw yourself into someone else’s battle, all you do is catch their bullets while they enjoy the scenery. New blog goes up Tuesday, until then…SLAY on!

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A Special Anniversary

Good morning SLAYER! Today is a special day. Today is the day 12 years ago I picked up the phone and reached out for help. Today is a Birthday of sorts. The first day I started living my life for me, the first day I starting fighting for me, and not against me. Today is […]

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