A Special Anniversary

Good morning SLAYER! Today is a special day. Today is the day 12 years ago I picked up the phone and reached out for help. Today is a Birthday of sorts. The first day I started living my life for me, the first day I starting fighting for me, and not against me. Today is the anniversary of the day I decided to live, that I decided I was going to change my story, that I was going to pick up my sword and SLAY, and even though my sword was wobbling, and it’s heaviness took all my strength, I stood up and carried it forward, so that I could show myself my strength, and to show all of you it can be done.  You too can pick up your sword and fight for yourself. You are worth it, as am I, and together we walk this path together, ready to battle anything. SLAY on!

I am really proud to share my story and to be a part of Kaaran Singh’s project PEOPLE – Every Portrait Tells A Story. A project about sharing our true selves, and, what we are most grateful for. This seemed like the perfect day to share this with all of you.  http://www.kaaransingh.com/people/

Carrie Genzel — Kaaran Singh

Photography: Kaaran Singh

4 thoughts on “A Special Anniversary

  1. Carrie I am so glad you made the choice to reach out for help. You have been a champion and a strength in our community for many years and helped and supported many of us with your willingness and compassion. And you have been my friend. Thank you.

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  2. Am behind in reading mess What brave and inspiring message !!!! Sooo proud of you!!! Continue to send the message!!! So far it looks the the judge Handed down another 5 days prison!! More tests!!! More antibiotics..they don t even know what they are treating Oh veh Sure feel better though!! Luv you Mom😊

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