Dress Up To Feel Up

For most of us right now, we spend most, if not all of our time, at home. We may not have work, or work from home, and our biggest decision on wardrobe is what pair of stretchy or sweatpants we’re going to put on. And that feels good for a while, but it can mentally […]

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Giving Love To Get Love

Giving love should be it’s own reward. It shouldn’t matter whether that love is returned or not, it’s nice, and it’s preferable, but should not be the intention behind the love you give. If you’re giving love only to get it in return your intentions or motives cancel out the love you are giving, it’s […]

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A Voiceless Child

It’s important we always speak our truth. We can become consumed by fear and keep our truth bottled up inside. We may tell ourselves our truth doesn’t matter. Or, that people won’t understand, or care. But when we don’t express who we are or how we feel we tell ourselves that we don’t matter, that […]

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