Selfishness Leads To Suffering

Selfishness, by definition, is a person, action, or motive lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. Now, when I was living in my illness I, many times, was extremely selfish, but I would justify it a thousand ways, or spin it so it seemed that I was actually selfless […]

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A Voiceless Child

It’s important we always speak our truth. We can become consumed by fear and keep our truth bottled up inside. We may tell ourselves our truth doesn’t matter. Or, that people won’t understand, or care. But when we don’t express who we are or how we feel we tell ourselves that we don’t matter, that […]

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Find Your Purpose

It took a major event in my life to find my purpose, and even after that it took some time, and a lot of reflection, to finally land on why I was here, and why I had I survived insurmountable odds to still be here. Before that my purpose had always been self-serving, it was […]

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