Humor Helps Us Heal

When I first stepped on this path I didn’t feel I had anything to laugh about. I was at an emotional and spiritual low that I didn’t know if I could come back from. Every day was just like the next and the darkness was closing in on me. Thankfully, before it took completely over […]

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There Is Purpose In The Process

We live in a very result oriented society. It’s easy to only focus on what the end result will be, or what we want it to be, instead of enjoying, or, taking note, of the journey to get there. Many times, the journey is meant to be the result. Life is about learning, growing, changing, […]

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Slayer Say

Good Morning SLAYER! How are you finding your own happiness today? Our happiness is our job, it is a choice, not a result, be fearless in what sets your soul on fire, shine bright SLAYER! New blog goes up Friday, until then…SLAY on!  

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Want Without Work Is Dead

We all want things, and there are days, or nights, that we sit and dream about the ways we would like them be, but wanting them and working for them are two different things. You have to take action. I used to sit at night and dream up all kinds of things that I wanted […]

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