Humor Helps Us Heal

When I first stepped on this path I didn’t feel I had anything to laugh about. I was at an emotional and spiritual low that I didn’t know if I could come back from. Every day was just like the next and the darkness was closing in on me. Thankfully, before it took completely over I sought help and when I did I was surprised to hear so much laughter.

It was suggested I join a support group, something I felt hesitant to do, but knew I had to try everything that was suggested if I wanted to live, or at least, have a chance at life. When I sat down for the first time I was relieved to relate to most of what was being said, by others in the room, I suddenly didn’t feel alone, and I had most of my life. I was also surprised to hear so much laughter, even while some rather embarrassing stories or horrible events were being shared due to bad decisions prior to getting well. I, at first, was taken aback, that the people in the room were seemingly laughing at such sad or horrible stories from people’s pasts. But then I noticed that the each person sharing, was also laughing, or at least letting out a chuckle, at the foolishness of their past escapades. As I watched the room erupt in laughter I found myself laughing along with them, even though most of what was being shared I had also done or thought myself. But seeing, and hearing, the laughter made me feel better about my own stories and the events that had brought me to that place. I had asked someone after about the laughter, and it was explained to me that they laugh because that’s not who they are anymore, and because they live today in the light, they can find humor in the past and in what used to be their best laid plans that continually got them into trouble or lead them down a darker path. I realized the power that laughter has to heal and to find acceptance around things we may feel bad about, but are working to no longer continue doing. As I began to feel better and started to make positive changes in my own life, I started to find the humor in some of my own stories, and as I started to share them with others, they became a way to relate to others like myself and them to me, those shared laughs formed into friendships and helped me in my recovery.

My Mother has always said, “if I’ve lost my sense of humor, I’ve lost everything,” and that is so true. When we are able to look at past mistakes or decisions that were our “best ideas” at the time and see the humor in what we have done because we are no longer making those same mistakes, that is a win. It shows us how far we’ve come and it allows us to not take who we used to be so seriously, even in the most dire of situations. Humor does help us heal, but only when it is used to recognize the foolishness of our past because we are now making better decisions, not, when it is used to deflect and hide behind without making any changes.

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes or misjudge things, but it is when we’ve learned from our past and have moved on, or are making efforts to do so, that we can use that humor to let go of the shame of what we may have done to laugh us into healing from those events from our past. Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Are you able to laugh at past mistakes? If not, why not? Do you hide from your humor or use it as a way to deflect how you truly feel or to prevent yourself from facing the truth? How has humor helped you in the past? How does it help you heal? Are you able to find the humor in your past through humor in hearing other people’s pasts? Does it help you connect with others? How does that make you feel? Let go of mistakes made in the past and find the humor in what you have done, look back and know that today you are making better choices and your laughter reminds you of your journey to get where you are right now.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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