Be A Light Not A Fixer

For many of us, it is in our nature to want to fix things, to offer advice, or to help someone see there is another way. That can often come at the price of our own happiness or someone else’s who may not want to be our project or the target of our unsolicited advice, […]

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Slay Say

Good morning SLAYER! Each of us is responsible to fix ourselves, don’t apply for a job you are not qualified for. New blog goes up Tuesday, until then…SLAY on!

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Are You Addicted To Control?

Before stepping on this path I was very addicted to control. Control to me felt like safety. When my world felt unsure, when I didn’t know what was around the next corner, or when I felt like people were watching me, wanting me to fail, I tried to control everything I could, even things I […]

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Rebounding From Regret

It’s rare today that I regret things. When things don’t go my way, or something negative happens based on choices, or I decision I made, I now, typically look at that as learning. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t sting anymore, it still does, but I look back to see where I could have done something […]

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Explosion In Reverse

I was with a group of people the other day and someone said, “watching you get better was like watching an explosion in reverse.” It made me laugh, but then when I thought about it, it was the perfect analogy. I myself had certainly imploded years ago, and even after the implosion I still went […]

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