A huge part of my recovery has been my ability to be accountable. That is something I had to learn, as I certainly wasn’t practicing it while living in the dark. Back then I often would say and do things and then blame them on others, pretend it hadn’t been me who had said or done something, or denied my involvement in something that I alone had orchestrated. Being accountable was not something I looked at as an attribute, I wanted what I wanted, and I was going to do whatever it took to get it. When I sat down to look at my life, I had failed myself and others by not being accountable, and if I had any hope of getting better that had to stop.

At first it felt like protective curtain had been lifted from me, that I had nowhere to hide, and I didn’t, but that was the point, I shouldn’t have to hide anything if I’m living an honest life and being forthright with my intentions and expectations. I was told to suit up and show up when I made a commitment, and if there was a reason I could not, I needed to let that be known and why. I found it difficult at first, as I had operated under this smokescreen of mystery for most of my adult life, never really committing to things, being vague and manipulating those around me to produce a desired outcome for myself, but all of that really got me was continued suffering in my disease, my head would tell me that I had won, but each time I wasn’t accountable and honest I was actually loosing, and that was happening daily as I slipped deeper and deeper into darkness and despair. I knew if I was going to save my life I had to get honest, so no matter how uncomfortable it felt a the start I walked through it and trusted it was better on the other side. And, being uncomfortable was the worst of it, it didn’t kill me to be honest and accountable, in fact, it was a big part of building my self-esteem and self-respect, both of which I was lacking. Being accountable was my ticket to better health, better relationships and a better life, so I trudged forward, even when it made me nervous to do so, and I have to say, that never once did it produce a negative effect. Being accountable did exactly what was promised, I began feeling better about myself, I started to make better choices and engaging in healthy activities I was actually excited to be a part of and participate in, I was no longer finding the need to hide from people because I had promised too much, or something I had no intention of following through with. Being accountable forced me to make better choices for myself and telling on myself when I didn’t, which eventually got me in the habit of making those better choices the first time. It was the filter I used before I said or did anything, and it kept me on the path I am now. When we are being honest and accountable for our actions there is no need to hide or feel nervous about any situation, we are being true to ourselves, our motivations and our journey. When we are accountable miracles happen, people and situations can change that we would have never seen otherwise, it’s what keeps us in the light and doing what’s right.

You may have lived your life believing that you have to hide your true intentions or your truth from those around you, but when you do you keep yourself sick, being accountable gives you the tool to live your life with far less complications, to have open and honest relationships with others and to be your best self. Accountability is the key to unlocking a life of better decisions and an anchor to keep you grounded as you walk onto a path of a fulfilling life, one where you are taking care of yourself while achieving the things that you could only hope for in the past and that never seemed to materialize while you were hiding in the shadows. Being accountable puts the spotlight on you and in that light you can learn to shine bright. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you think of yourself as accountable? If yes, how are you accountable in your life? In what areas do you struggle to be accountable? How can you improve those areas? What stops you from being accountable? How can you overcome what stops you? In what areas have you improved your accountability? How has this changed your life? Your life will continue to improve the more accountable you are. Accountability means being more reliable to yourself and your needs and to those you choose to have in your life. When you are accountable you can’t go wrong, and even if your plan does go wrong, being accountable provides you with the tools to admit that and move on. In a way it’s a type of superpower, and when you master it, you’ll have the power of good in your life.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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