Sometimes You Face Difficulties Because You’re Doing Something Right

Sometimes we assume that if we’re facing difficulties we’re doing something wrong, but many times it’s a sign we’re doing something right, and, maybe different from what we’ve always done in the past. We tend to be creatures of habit, we do what we’ve been taught, what we’ve been shown, and many times, what may seem like the easiest way out, but those ways may not be taking us to where we need to be, or where we should be. Which brings up their own set of difficulties. But those difficulties are within our control. We can make different choices. The right choices, for us. And even though those new choices may bring up their own set of difficulties, they are easier, and healthier to work through, because we are being authentic to who we are and what we need.

We should never apologize, or shy away from what is best for us. For me, before stepping on this path, I often tried to take the easier, softer route, in terms of finding a solution in which meant the least amount of conflict, or attention. I often didn’t get what I wanted, or if I did, would have to manipulate or lie to work around the work I wasn’t doing, which in reality was only making more work for myself instead of doing what was right for me in the first place. A lot of times this falls into people-pleasing, putting others’ wants and needs ahead of our own, or being afraid to ask for what we want for fear of the response. So we do what is best for someone else, or what will cause the least amount of waves, and settle for that solution, only to become angry, anxious or depressed about the situation we then find ourselves in. We continue this behavior until it becomes unbearable, at which point we may start to find outside fixes to cope with where we find ourselves, or, hopefully, start making some better choices. For me, I opted for the outside fixes first. I found ways to numb myself, to quiet the voices in my head that were telling me I wasn’t making the right choices, that I wasn’t supposed to be where I was, I thought if I could just get them to quiet down I could be OK where I was, but I couldn’t be, because I wasn’t supposed to be there.

We can only hide from the truth for so long, and some of us spend most of your lives hiding in those places, maybe even our whole lives, but we know when it’s not right, when we’re not in a place that allows us to be ourselves, to shine, to grow and be accepted for who we are, and encouraged to be who we should be. So when we start to make the right decisions, maybe for the first time, those difficulties that come up are showing us we’re on the right track, and, that we’re walking where we’ve never walked before. The difficulties that come up on that path feel difficult because we’ve never been there, but are not nearly as difficult as the ones we’ve lived with when we weren’t being truthful with ourselves. Walkthrough these new difficulties, because we are meant to, because they are just fear of letting go of what we’ve had, where we’ve been, and the uncertainty of finally living a life that serves us and allows us to be our best selves. If we are being truthful about who we are, what we need and want, we should have no fear, just follow the road we find ahead of ourselves, and keep making the next right decision for us and the life we want for ourselves. Of course that doesn’t mean we don’t care how our decisions affect the other people in our lives, but if we’ve chosen the right people, they will want the best for us and may even encourage us to walk through those difficulties we may find on this new path. Or, they may not be OK with the changes and that tells us that we need to move forward without them, or, just in a different way.

Only we can decide what is best for us. Only we can do the work to have the life we want, the way we want it. And only we can walk through the difficulties or fears we may encounter on that road to the place that’s been waiting for us. Suit up SLAYER, step on that path, there are plenty of us walking beside you to help you through those rough spots. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you always follow the path that reflects your true self? If not, why not? How have you not been true to yourself in the past? What has been the result? Write down some times that you were true to yourself? What was the result? How did you feel? Why do you not do what’s best for you and your growth all the time? What stops you? How does this hurt you? What if you stopped doing that? What if you started making decisions and taking action that did put you on the right path? What if you tried to do something different today, something that honored you? Start there SLAYER, and see how you feel. See if you can’t start making more of those decisions and choices to start honoring who you are and what you want in your life. Do it SLAYER, we’ll all be right there with you, cheering you on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Face Difficulties Because You’re Doing Something Right

  1. “We should never apologize, or shy away from what is best for us.”

    Carrie, you hit on the nail. I am a good apologizer, people pleaser, people fixer then forget to forgive, please and fix myself first. I am learning that the best thing for me is to be present. To take a deep breath and bring in better energy so that I can also give good energy back. I am doing things I never though I would do before, feeling things and changing my mind on things I never thought I could. Even this morning, I almost wanted to call in sick because I just did not want to get out of bed. The first thought I had was to complain. It is sort of exciting when currently my secondary and more stronger impulse now is to stop the complaint before I start falling into the nega-space inside my head. It also helps that when I am in a bad space in my mind; everyone I come into contact with will also feel that darkness emanating from me whether they realize it or not. 🙂 Thank you again Carrie, as usual, I am ever grateful for your blog. It has been one of my tools in my healing.

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    1. When we focus on the good we see the good, and more good comes.

      For me, it took a lot of practicing contrary action when I started on this path, when I wanted to hide, I challenged myself to participate, and even do something nice for someone else, when I took that action I was able to get out of my own head and be of service to others, and myself.

      The awareness you have of your own darkness, is already a huge step into the light.

      Keep stepping SLAYER!


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