No One Ever Injured Their Eyesight Looking At The Brightside

There is always a bright side, sometimes it may be more difficult to find, but it’s there if we look for it. Oftentimes it isn’t revealed to us until later when we realize that by not getting what we wanted we got something better. But I’ve shared before that when we actively look for the good or positive in our lives or in any situation that we train ourselves to keep looking for those things, instead of the negative or what could go wrong. We are bombarded by so much negativity and fear each day, why not focus on what is good around us and what we are grateful for?

Before walking this path I lived in a negative world. I only saw the darkness around and within me. I had moments of brightness but soon the dark clouds of my mind would roll in and snuff out the light. My mind always went to the negative and the longer I let it live there the more difficult it was to find anything bright in my life. Most of the time the light I thought I had found was superficial, something to focus on as a band-aid to my negative thinking, and because I focused my energy looking for things to brighten my day, that brightness, if I did find it, was very short-lived because it wasn’t based in anything couldn’t be taken away. Living my life in recovery taught me to start each day with a grateful heart, and I don’t always start that way, but I can get myself there most days when I consciously begin to look for the bright side. I speak often of writing a gratitude list and actively looking for moments of gratitude in our days to change our thinking and invite in the light. During these challenging times it can be easy to slide into the darkness, to only see the fear, the pain, and the loss around us, but we can fire up that light inside of us and let it shine during these times and be the light for those who may need it. We are what we focus on, and if we focus on positive things we become positive people and we start to see the positivity in our lives.

We have a choice, each day, to focus on the light, or, focus on the darkness, and as someone who has done both I can tell you, the light is really the way to go. Find those moments to see the bright side, to look for the light in your life and around you, and look for opportunities to be the light for others who may need to see it. Trust me, our lights never shine brighter than when we’re shining them for someone else. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you tend to look for the bright side in your life? If yes, have you always done that or did you make a conscious change? If you don’t, why don’t you? How do you feel looking for the darkness in your life? How does it help you? How does it hurt you? What can you do today to look for the brightside in your life? Have there been moments in your life that disappointed you but later you realized that there was a bright side to them? Give an example. We only know a little, but what we do know is that this too shall pass, even in the most challenging times there is an end, nothing lasts forever, so why not focus on the good that is around us, or, even better, create some good in your life or your community. When we focus on the bright side, life becomes a lot brighter!

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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