Ignoring The Facts Doesn’t Make Them Go Away

I’ve talked a lot about “the facts,” and it’s the facts we need to look at and what we know to be true over what we feel, our feelings can sometimes trick us, or carry some baggage from our past, manipulate our perspective, but when we just stick to the facts we’re dealing with what is actually the truth. But sometimes the facts are not what we want to see, or what we want to deal with, so we ignore them, hoping they will magically fix themselves or just go away, they won’t. Ignoring them doesn’t mean they are gone, it just means you are avoiding the truth, and when you avoid the truth, you usually end up getting yourself into trouble, or create a big mess you’re going to have to clean up later. How do I know this? Well, I was a master of ignoring the facts, and a master at disaster.

I spent most of my life ignoring the facts, seeing only what I wanted to see to fit the narrative I wanted to tell, so much so that it affected my mental health. I had ignored the facts to long I couldn’t even discern the facts from fiction anymore, so I would just make up the facts and keep telling the story I wanted to tell. For anyone out there who may be doing that right now, I just want to say…I don’t recommend that. As harsh as the facts can be sometimes, or not what we want to see and hear, when we have the facts we are safe. When we have the facts we then have the information we need to make a solid decision about what to do next. When we have the facts we can make sure we’re taking care of ourselves.

The facts are, well the facts, you can’t argue with those, although I used to, and have engaged with plenty of people over the years who have tried, but in the end, the truth is the truth. Acceptance plays a big part in not ignoring the facts. We have to accept the facts for what they are…the facts. There’s no dodging the truth, really, we may tell ourselves lies, or others, but ultimately we know they’re not the facts, we can tell our lies for long enough we start to believe them as facts, but believing them doesn’t make it so. When I find I feel a little confused, because sometimes still, my over-active imagination can take over, I look for what I know to be true, and work from there. What do I know to be true in this situation? That starts laying the foundation of the facts. From there I can keep building until I have constructed a solid fact, the real deal, 100% truth. And then, I may need to take action. See, just knowing the facts and not ignoring them isn’t usually enough, there is usually action to take, especially if we have been ignoring them, to live in the light and in our truth. We may need to right some wrongs if we’ve been neglecting the truth, and, that’s OK, that’s part of the process, the journey, and part of the growth as a SLAYER. We all have to start somewhere, and our journey is never really complete, we should always be striving to grow and develop our trust that we are exactly where we’re supposed to be, learning what we’re supposed to learn. The facts shouldn’t scare us, even though, sometimes we can build them up to be far scarier than they are, they’re just the facts, and they only have as much weight as we give them. Use them, take them and put them in your SLAY toolbox, and think of them as tools you can use to continue to better yourself, look at them as assets, information you have for your own personal playbook, that you, and only you alone have for yourself.

Get the facts, seek out the facts, use the facts, to be your best you and live your most dynamic, purposeful, and spirited life. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you tend to ignore the facts? Why do you think you do this? Write down some instances when you’ve done this, and what was the result? If you had not ignored the facts, could you have avoided the same outcome? How do you ignore the facts in your life? What has been the biggest result of ignoring the facts? How you can you make an effort to stop practicing this? What do you think the result of stopping this will be? Is that an outcome you would like? That outcome is yours for the taking, you just have to take the action to do it, to live in the truth, no matter how much it may not be the truth you wish for, and making the right decisions for you based on those facts. You can do it SLAYER, and that’s a fact!

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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