Level Up

I was never much of a gamer, and if you’re asking yourself what a gamer is, you’re probably not much of one either. Growing up my brother was always into video games, I would sometimes sit and watch him for hours as he mastered the game and always managed to find those secret parts to it that unlocked something special or take you to a secret level. I was always intrigued by that as a kid, those secret places with those magical things that not everyone knew about. Life has those things, I feel like I’ve found many over the past 12 years, those times I opened my eyes to something or because I let go and had faith, unlocked something new. One of the reasons I decided to start STATE OF SLAY was to give people the secrets that I’ve uncovered, and a lot of them aren’t so secret, we just haven’t been aware of them, or we haven’t chosen not to see them, or implement them in our lives, but as someone who has, I can be your guide based on my own experiences in the hopes that you can also, in your own life, find those secret and magical places so you can level up.

It’s easy to stay stuck where we are. We can feel comfortable there, even if it doesn’t feel like we should be there anymore, sometimes the fear of not knowing what’s outside of what we know is stronger than the place we stay that no longer serves us. We want to get out, but we stay, telling ourselves it’s better where we are, and safer. We may even tell ourselves we deserve to stay in that place. We don’t. What we deserve is to continue to grow and expand our lives, challenge ourselves, and move forward from the places that keep is stagnant and stuck where we are. For me the first secret to unlock a brand new life was to be willing to look for it. Willingness was the key to the first door. From there I reached out to someone I trusted, someone I knew had been through that door and I asked for help. Asking for help unlocked a lot of doors and brought me in contact with countless people who all helped me on my journey, those who had been there before, and those who were exactly where I was on my path. Once I had these people in my life the secrets and magic in the game of life kept unlocking, especially as I kept working on myself and was learning to let go of my past and work on learning to love myself. That path has led me down some winding roads, but those roads have brought me so much more goodness than hardship, and when I think back to the dead-end I was on, even my best day there doesn’t compare to my worst day here. I have leveled up many times, and, if I continue to work, will again many more times.

We all have the opportunity to get a higher level than where we are. But we have to take that first step. We have to be willing to go after it, no matter what that brings, or what we may need to face. In the end I may have learned a few things watching my brother all those hours many years back, I learned that perseverance is what it takes to win, and that when you look for it, there is always something magical on the horizon.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Are there moments in your life that you feel you leveled up? What were they? How did you get there? Are there moments in your life when you know you should level up, but you stop yourself? What stops you? What are you afraid of? Or, why don’t you think you deserve it? What areas in your life today would you like to level up? How can you achieve this? If you don’t know, who can you go to for advice to find out what steps to take? Do you share your hopes, dreams, and goals with others in your life? If not, why not? What scares you about that? I challenge you SLAYER, to level up, in whatever way that means to you. I challenge you to be honest with yourself, with those around you, and if you don’t have a good group of people around you to help get you there, find them, they’re out there. Walk with them and walk through your fear to go after what you want, or where you are being directed to go, go there, stand tall, and level up to where you’re supposed to be next. SLAY on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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