Slay It Forward

Sanne Wesselman met her travel angel in a Spanish grocery store. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, she was locked down in Alicante, Spain. Wesselman, who runs a marketing agency in the Netherlands, was scheduled to fly home the next day but couldn’t find a face mask. “I was a little nervous about taking […]

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A Great Day Of Gratitude

Monday will mark the 8th Anniversary of the night I almost died, and by all accounts, should have died. It is a day, for many years, that left me feeling lost, unsure, and sad. It took me a while to process the event, something I still don’t know what to call, a slip, a fall, […]

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A Power Greater Than Myself

I should be dead. Well, I probably should be dead a few times over, but in one particular case it was confirmed by medical professionals. Looking back there were many times in my life when something or someone seemed to be looking out for me, probably more than I really know, and until I started […]

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Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYERS! When we love ourselves we exude love, we are able to share our love with others, love is all around us, and the love we share starts a ripple effect of love that touches everyone, even those we don’t know or have actually met. I had someone come up to me years […]

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