Maybe It’ll Turn Out Better Than Expected

Before walking this past I was a pessimist  in optimist clothing. I would hope for the best, and talk about it, and even want it, but never believed it would happen, or that I even deserved it. I never expected the best, I would walk into situations or new projects with flimsy hope it would be but never really expecting it actually work out that way. Much of that was not believing I was worthy of good, but also not doing all the footwork to set up a good or better outcome. In a way, it was as self-fulfilling prophecy, I wouldn’t put in the work and then when things didn’t go well it was proof to me that I wasn’t deserving of better.

When I began my journey in recovery, I was told, even if I didn’t believe something, to do the work and then act ‘as if.’ I felt like I had been doing that, but I had been missing the ‘doing the work’ part, I was just wanting things and acting ‘as if’ they were going to magically happen. My negative mind told me that this new approach wasn’t going to work, but my negative mind also wanted me to stay sick, so, off I went, doing the work that was suggested to start my life on a positive path. When I set out on something new and my mind wanted to tell me the result would be negative, I did the work anyway and acted ‘as if.’ It took a while to trust that I really didn’t have anything to lose by trying this new method, but I did it anyway because it seemed better than the alternative, which was what I already knew and had experienced every day. And, as I trusted and kept putting one foot in front of the other, many steps I made in fear, or in a state of utter uncomfortableness, I was surprised to find more and more that things would turn out better than I had expected. I appreciated each and every time they did, and always felt a sense of gratitude. Many times, when I was stuck in a negative space, I would suit up and show up anyway and would set out to act ‘as if,’ as I begrudgingly stepped forward I would ask the universe to surprise me, and many times I was surprised. I realized that I could change my negative thinking and expectations and that by doing so, many times, things did turn out better than I expected, and each time it did, I would focus on making that place my base and foundation to operate from as I moved forward, and as I did that I began to anticipate good things as I moved forward from there.

There are still times when my thoughts will fall back to negative thinking, and I have to remind myself to leave room for the possibility that things will turn out better than expected, also leaving a space open for hope and to be surprised, something that lends itself to positive thinking and with remaining teachable. I don’t know everything, and even though experience may lend it itself to one response, perhaps my growth and the timing of this particular moment can open new doors. This is a much better place to live my life than always expecting the worst, because in my experience, what we expect is often what we get.

Give yourself permission to allow things to turn out better than expected, to know you deserve good things and when you do the work and put out positive energy you leave room to be surprised by the result, or what is found in the process. Always leave some room for some magic. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you expect good things or focus on the negative? If you focus on the negative, do you find that you get a negative result? Do you think you deserve a negative result? Why is that? Have you ever been surprised with a result you weren’t expecting? What was that? How was that different than what you typically expect? How can you open yourself up to expecting a better result? What if you practiced ‘as if’ and tried to act as if you were open to a better result? We have more power than we think, but what we think gives our thoughts and energy power, why not ignite that power with positivity and watch that positive power power light up your life!

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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