H.O.P.E. – Help Other People Everyday

I have a special anniversary coming up in a few days, a day I think of as my actual “birthday.” It is the day, 13 days ago, that I decided to let go of the way I had been living my life and the day I asked for help. This day was a long time coming, and truthfully could have, and probably should have come earlier in my life, but it came when it was supposed to, and when I was ready, 100%, to do the work and find a solution a problem that was dead set on taking my life. A big part of how I became ready to make this big change came in part from a story a friend shared with me about his struggle with the same disease. The night he told me his story, it seemed like just that, an incredible true story of someone who had fought his way out of the darkness to now live in the light. A remarkable journey, and one I was quite in awe of, and it remained just an incredible story for months after that. But for whatever reason, those months later, on a dark dark night, a night I became very scared I may harm myself to stop my pain, I remembered that story, and for the first time I recognized myself in the beginning of that story, the part where there was pain and suffering, it resonated with my life then, and I realized that there may just be hope for someone like me, that maybe, just maybe, I too, like my friend, might have a fighting chance against my own head that wanted me dead.

I have never forgotten that story, and that gift that friend gave to me so many years ago, and I make it a point to give back that gift whenever I can, this blog is a huge part of that, but being of service, or helping others can come in many forms, it can be as simple as a smile or saying hello, or, perhaps just showing up. When we simply show up we show others that they matter, they’re worth it, and depending on where you’ve shown up to, you may also show someone who is there that there is hope, and they matter. You see, it was a little light of hope that kept me going, kept me moving to the light back then, it wasn’t very bright at first, but it was there, and it was enough to get me to keep putting one step in front of the other, even when my head told me I couldn’t, hope told me I could and to just do it and trust where that step would lead me.

Hope is something magical. You can’t see it on it’s own, but you can in others. You can see it in people’s eyes, in their actions, in their words, and when hope is there anything can happen. We can offer our hope to others by showing them we care, we see them, we hear them, by doing nice things, or by simply being there. In my early days, when things were still dark, sometimes just seeing someone else struggling with the same issues I was gave me hope, to know I wasn’t alone, and when someone with those same struggles had any kind of success, we all felt like we succeeded because even if it wasn’t our personal victory, we saw that it was possible, and we all kept going.

We all have the ability to help other people everyday, whether small or large. We can offer our heart, our truth, or kindness, and compassion, and you just never know how that could impact that person’s life, they may even be writing about it 13 years later from the other side of that pain and that struggle, grateful for the hope you shared with them on one important day. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you feel like you have something to offer others? Do you see that your struggles may give someone else comfort or hope? Have you received comfort or hope from someone else’s struggles? How? When we do something to help another individual it takes us outside of ourselves, even on our worst day, in fact, especially on our worst day, that time we spend to help another person becomes about them, and it takes focus off of ourselves, and many times, just by reaching out, even with a smile and a hello, that darkness we may be feeling lifts and our day becomes brighter. Every one of us has something to offer, we all have experiences that may be just what someone else needs to hear about, whether you’ve overcome them or not, it’s the commonality that helps us through a tough time, and sometimes, even with the intention of helping someone else, it helps us most of all.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

6 thoughts on “H.O.P.E. – Help Other People Everyday

  1. Carrie,

    Thank you. I’m so grateful you’re here, and healthy. I’m so thankful that you’re sharing your journey with all of us. You’re an inspiration, sure, but your struggles don’t define you, anymore. What does define you, now, is the light you carry and how bright it shines out of your eyes when you talk about your peace, your happiness, your joy, and acceptance of yourself.

    Many people have terrible histories with self harm, abuse, depression, all those dark things we endure, but too few ever come to a higher place where they can bend down, back into the edge of the muck and mire, and grasp the hands of those fighting for purchase on safe ground. YOU DO! All the damn time, you reach out for the rest of us, and that means so much.

    I imagine it must be difficult to stand that close to the edge and watch as others suffer, knowing how close you came to going under. I picture you screaming at us to just reach out! Just take your hand, and you’ll pull us to safety! So, we do, and there you are, smiling, encouraging, hopeful, ready to share all you’ve learned. You, Carrie Genzel, have become a soft place to land in a very hard world.

    So, happy anniversary, happy rebirthday, and many wonderful returns of the day. I love you.

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    1. Tears, you know there were tears as I read your beautiful message. Thank you. I offer my journey with the intention of giving back what was so freely given to me, and still is, and to shed some light in what can be a dark world for those who still struggle.

      I cheer you all on in the hope that you will join me in the light, and know that no matter where you’ve come from, your past does not define you, and you can choose to leave it behind at anytime and become the beautiful soul you are meant to be.

      Thank you so much for your words, they touched my heart. SLAY on!

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      1. Mimi put it best. “You, Carrie Genzel, have become a soft place to land in a very hard world.”

        True facts, thank you – thank you so much. My life has been blessed and changed because of your part in it and Mimi – same thing. All my love, happy rebirthday ❤

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