Find Your Good And Do It

For a lot of my life I had no idea what my good was. In fact, I, before walking this path, probably would have said I didn’t have any. And, early on, even as I was walking this path I walk today I wasn’t always sure, I just knew I had to keep walking forward, and trusting I was where I was supposed to be. I survived a night I medically shouldn’t have, and I struggled with that for a while, the why, why did I survive, what was I doing that made me worth saving? I had been giving back in my own community up until that point, and I could see the good in that, and I could see how that good I gave to others also helped me in my recovery, but I still wasn’t confident in what my good was. So I wrote about it, meditated about it and continued to ask myself what was my good. The answer finally came when I let go and started to look for the signs I was being given and the direction that was coming.

My good is being of service. It’s sharing my story and offering hope to those who may need it. I never would have thought, years ago, that that would be my good. The shy self-hating fear-based girl who was so afraid that you would hate her she would only let you see what she thought you wanted to see would have never let you see her flaws, or mistakes or anything that she thought was weakness, but, that girl of the past was wrong, she mistook all of those things as negative when they were really her strengths, but to see that, it took an emotional and spiritual bottom to see my light. My good came from all of those dark times, from my mistakes, my misconceptions, my disease, it was all of those things that formed my good once I realized the power it all had, and I had, to share my journey from there to where I am today. Every time I get the chance to offer some hope to someone I think back to that girl, and how she never would have believed I could live without fear and share my truth, I never take that for granted, it is an honor to have survived all that I have and to have the opportunities I do to share my story with those who are open to receive it, and it feels pretty amazing that my story and experience has connected me to so many others who recognize themselves in my journey, and me in theirs, when I used to feel so isolated and alone before finding my voice. My good not only helps those around me but it gives me good back, it reminds me to stay teachable, it reminds me to keep an open-minded and it reminds me that we are all connected and have a commonality. My good helps me in my own recovery, and I suspect that most people’s good helps them in theirs, or in contributing to their greater good.

We all have good to share and do, sometimes it takes what may look like a tragedy to find it, but as I’ve said here many times before, the only tragedy is giving up, everything else happens to lead us to where we are meant to be, and for some of us, myself included, it may take something pretty earth shattering to get us to do the right thing. Your good is specific to you and it is valuable, as are you. If you haven’t already, find your good and share it with the world, we all have good to share and while we do you’ll meet others on your path doing just as you are. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you see your own good? If yes, what is it? If not, why not? What stops you from seeing your good? Name one good quality, talent or attribute you have. Now using that, what can you do to share it with others who may appreciate it? Has someone shared their good with you? Who? How have they made a difference in your life? Have you been inspired by their good? Has their good helped you to see the good in you? What is that good? Allow your good to live through you, share it and let it give back to you, when you send it out to the world good comes back and it may reveal even more good in you, and your life.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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