Dark Horse Wins The Race

It’s always great when we have the support of your friends and family when we set out to accomplish a goal. It doesn’t always work out that way, and many times we can get derailed in our efforts because we let those around us influence our confidence or thinking that we may not be capable of reaching our potential or get to where we want to be. I have a great support group, but there have been times in my life where some around me have not understood or fully supported me in my efforts. It has hurt, and there were times when I was younger that I let that doubt creep in and turn into my own self-doubt and I became fearful and unsure if I could actually do what I wanted to do. As I got older the fear of not trying outweighed the fear of failure so I would move forward anyway, but there was always that bit of self-doubt weighing in the back of my mind. That little bit of negativity often prevented me from giving whatever I was working on my complete all, which always effected the results. I did reach many goals back then, but not always to my full potential.

As I made a commitment to learn to love myself, and honor who I am, I learned, and began to believe, that, not only, was a capable of doing whatever I set my mind on, but that I deserved it. That second part was the missing part that had eluded me earlier in my life. As much as I could dig my heals in and push forward anyway, I never truly believed I deserved what I was working to accomplish, and when I did accomplish it, I would look at that accomplishment as luck or a fluke that I had actually gotten to the finish line, taking away that accomplishment from myself. But once I believed that I deserved those things I was working so hard for, that changed everything. It no longer became as important to me that everyone thought I could do something, it is certainly nice to have a cheering section to encourage me, but it’s not a necessity, in fact, when I did meet resistance, armed with self-love and self-worth, I surged ahead anyway, knowing that, at times, someone thinking I couldn’t accomplish something may work to my advantage of completing that goal. When your not expected to win, you can make a lot of headway without anyone noticing how fast you’re moving forward. And in doing so, I have converted a few doubters into believers when I crossed that finish line that they didn’t think I could cross. As I’ve said many times before, we have the power to take something negative and turn it into a positive, or in this case, fuel or positive energy to give us a turbo boost to our goal.

Don’t let someone else’s doubt cast a shadow on the work you are doing to reach your goal, let it give you that extra spark you need to light that fire within and allow you to burn bright as you move forward. Surround yourself with those who do believe, who support you and encourage you to be your best self, and find those who understand your drive to go after what you want. Be that dark horse, when the shadow of doubt is cast upon you, and convert that negative energy to positive to reach your goal, besides the pressure is off the dark horse when everyone is looking elsewhere, so pull forward, believe in yourself and take the win! SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Have their been people in your who have doubted that you are capable of accomplishing what you have set out to do? How does that make you feel? Do you let that keep you from accomplishing or going after your goals? List an example when you let others derail you from your goal? How can you prevent this from happening in the future? What can you do to moving forward to use someone’s doubt into positive energy? Never let anyone talk you out of what you want in life, it is up to you to go after what you want and if someone else isn’t able to support you in that, look to those who do, and if you feel you don’t have support at all, use all of that to fuel your victory for yourself and cross that finish line. You deserve it, and, are already a winner.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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