If You’re Strong Enough To Destroy Something, You’re Strong Enough To Repair It

When I think back to who I used to be, I had a lot of strength. I didn’t usually put that strength towards things that were good, especially at the end, I used it to destroy a lot of things. Sometimes on purpose, and sometimes not. My actions were usually fear-based, mostly I was afraid of being found out as a fraud, or weird, or damaged, so I would use my strength to put up walls to keep you all out at all costs. When I would destroy something, a relationship, an opportunity, or even myself, I would think I didn’t have enough strength to repair it, but actually, what I didn’t have was the humility to admit my wrongs and to find a solution for a fix.

Humility does take strength, strength of character, but it’s still strength. And as I got better I started to learn how to channel that strength I used for destruction for building myself back up, re-building relationships, and building a life for myself that I could be proud of. Strength takes many forms, but when it comes to destruction, we need to dig down deep and use that inner-strength to do what’s right, not only for others, but for us as well. It is when we do the next right thing, when we’re able to go back and admit our wrongs, and when we are able to find our strength and focus it on the good, that we become even stronger. Just like with self-esteem, were we gain more self-esteem by doing estimable acts, we gather more strength the more we practice using it for building up and repairing, rather than destroying.

The trick is to not believe that voice that tells us we’re stronger alone, that we’re destroying our enemies, those who have wronged us, and protecting ourselves by tearing down those around us and the relationships that we feel have hurt us. But let’s talk about those for a moment. We have decided to enter those relationships, that has been our choice, so if they are not healthy for us, or supportive, and don’t feel mutual, then why have we allowed ourselves to be a part of them? There is a weakness there, something that you have chosen to exploit, and now, when the relationship has run it’s course, or has turned out exactly how you predicted, or maybe is shining a spotlight on your own bad behavior, you’ve decided to gather up your strength and tear it down. But you’ve only proven your weakness in doing so. The only thing you’ve allowed to get stronger is the darkness inside of you. Our strength comes from doing the right thing, and that includes the relationships we choose to have in our lives.

It is when you take responsibility for your actions that you gain strength. It is by being honest. Forgiving. Nurturing. When you can find compassion for someone and see yourself in them. That’s when your strength grows. It does take strength to destroy something, but you can use that strength to repair what has been destroyed, and gain far more strength by putting it towards your own mental health, happiness, your good, and into who you really are. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you use your strength for good, or bad? Do you think that using your strength to put of walls, destroy others, put them down, put yourself down, makes you strong? Do you see how acting out in that type of behavior can only reduce your strength? When you have done something you are proud of, helped someone else, or done something good for yourself, do you feel your strength in those actions? So what if you focused on doing more of them? What if you practiced putting your strength into good things, for you, and those around you? How would your strength grow then? I challenge you SLAYER, to be humble and honest, to be your true self, if there is wrong to be righted, do it, find the strength to do what’s right, I know you have it in you, and when you find it and take that action, you will continue to find more of it.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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