Slay Say

2 thoughts on “Slay Say

  1. Absolutely, even when it’s something you don’t want to do. Two recent examples. 1) Sat night family movie night, I have a less than one week old broken ankle and the depression and frustration was setting in. I still hadn’t seen the orthopedic Dr and none of the pain meds helped in the splint. I made myself Rise up, Get up and say Yes to watching, “Coco” from Pixar with my fam. I laughed and enjoyed myself so much my earlier problems went away and I was happy. 2) My son on Monday was angry at me and at Brigid, our Dog, because it seemed that every time he turned around he had to do something for us and Brigid was barking a lot that afternoon. He was frustrated, angry, mad that he had to be my caretaker. He wanted to escape and stay in his room ruminating on his emotions instead of going to Irish Dance class as scheduled. My husband made him goknowing what the endorohins of physical activity would have on his mood. Being 14, Jami threw a fit and refused to gonwith a solid temper-tamtrum but eventually got to class, Rose Up, Got up, said Yes, danced his heart out and was laughing and in a great mood at the end of class. I got a hug and a kiss when he got home. You have to make the decision to Rise up, Get up, and Say Yes even when you don’t feel like it. Sometimes you have to close your eyes and trust the process. 💙😊

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    1. Michelle, thank you for sharing that. Love it. Yes, sometimes you do have to rise up and get up, even when you’re not feeling like it, trust the process, trust what is in front of you is there for a reason.

      SLAY on!


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