If You Show Up As Yourself, You Are Worthy

I was just sharing this the other day, that years ago, when I was experiencing a lot of success in my career, I never allowed myself to truly enjoy it because I didn’t think I was worthy of it. Not that I didn’t have the skills, not that I wasn’t working hard enough, and it wasn’t that I hadn’t earned my place, but deep down I thought of myself as less-than and a fraud, so I was always worried the other shoe was going to drop, that I was going to be found out and everything I had worked for was going to be taken away. When I think about who I was then, those thoughts that used to run around in my head, those thoughts I believed, it makes me sad, and truthfully, sometimes, on a bad day, those thoughts do come back, but I know now that anytime I show up as my authentic self, I am worthy, I am worthy of anything and everything.

It takes a lot of guts to show up as ourselves sometimes. To say, hey, this is me, this is who I am, and not worry what people think of us, not let someone else’s opinion change who we really are, or what we’re capable of. For me, it took a lot of work to get to that place, to unravel that self-doubt, self-hatred, and the self-destructive actions of my past, but it’s possible to do it, and the result of that work outweighs any work it may take. You see, the secret is that when we are ourselves that is when we shine, that is when magic happens, when we share our true selves and our true passion to those around us, when we share the true us, we let people see the beauty in us. and no matter what comes from that, you are worthy, you are great, you are special, and no one can take that away from you. People are entitled to opinions, and everyone has one, but if you are true to yourself, one person’s opinion doesn’t matter, you let out everything you got, everything that makes you you, that is the bravest act we can take.

For me, from a young age I was always afraid to let people see the real me. I hide behind who I thought you wanted me to be, and every time I did that a little part of the real me died, it was like a confirmation to myself that I wasn’t good enough, and that if people got to see the real me that they wouldn’t like me. I got so good at it, well, I made it a career, but I lost sight of who I truly was, I had stuffed it down so far, under so much junk, that it lay there, like garbage that I trampled all over. When I finally found the courage to ask for help, to find out who I truly was, it scared me, because I realized I didn’t know. But I found a way to make it exciting. I was going to find out for, probably, the first time in my life. I was actually going to get to know the real me. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns, I had to address some bad behaviors and habits, things I had accumulated over the years as a way, or so I thought, to protect myself, I had hurt some people, I had lied to some people, and most importantly, I had done damage to myself. But at the core of who I found was someone I was proud of, someone who made me laugh, someone I could cheer on, someone, I learned to love.

Now I don’t worry about what others think of me, as long as what I am and who I am is authentically me. Me, showing up, and sharing my truth, my talent, my heart makes me worthy, as it does you, and only you can allow yourself to feel that worthiness, no one else can truly give that to you, not so you feel it in your center, only you can do that for  yourself.

If you are struggling today with who you are, go on a finding expedition and figure it out. Put on your SLAYER detective hat and get to work on figuring out the greatest mystery of them all, who you truly are. Once you have, never apologize for what you find, for what makes you you, and for being proud of that. If you stand up as just yourself, that is more worth more than anything someone can give you, you are worthy. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: When you think of yourself do you feel you are worthy of the things you would like for yourself? Do you think you deserve good things? If not, why not? When you have accomplished something do you allow yourself to celebrate you and what you’ve done? If not, why not? Is there something or someone in your past that has told you, or showed you, that you are not worthy? Write down that incident or incidents. Have you told yourself that you are not worthy? Why do you feel this way? Whatever has happened in your past, you are not what’s happened to you, you are here today, and today you have the choice to start a new way of thinking, a new direction, a new life. Let go of what has been holding you back, what has been telling you lies, and take a step on a path of self-love and worthiness. Your foot may be a little shaky at first, but if you keep trudging forward, soon you’ll be walking tall and inspiring those around you.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

4 thoughts on “If You Show Up As Yourself, You Are Worthy

  1. I hope everyone in your world appreciates your courage and strength of character.

    Your examples of accepting yourself have given me the willingness to allow me to strive for greater consciousness and self-improvement for MY own benefit and not the appropriation of the past.

    While I may still tilt at windmills it is because I chose to do so for the present and future good and not some phony destiny I’ve imagined.

    I always knew this but knew not how to escape a Hell of my own making. You, friend, instructed me on how to give myself permission to live – and strive – and thrive – for now.

    I am forever thankful to that angel that saved you so you could help save me.

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    1. John, your comment really touched me this morning, thank you for sharing.

      We are all on our own journey, we walk at our own pace, but we do not walk alone. We all walk with one another, lifting each other up, and encouraging them to be their best selves.

      You, sir, have a light brighter than you know, but I hope your light is reflected back to you from all of us.

      SLAY on!


  2. Thank you for your kind words.

    It’s only been recently I’ve realized a greater responsibility exists to the future than that the past. But that actualization, while always in existence, lay dormant for decades. It only came to be thanks to your metaphorical extended hand. Without SLAY and your gentle but firm insistence in saying ‘but consider’ I would not have fully accepted who I am meant to be. I am to be that light you speak of but not just for myself but for the whole of my world.

    Darkness into light.
    That is our collective destiny.

    I wanted you to know these things. I suppose it is the echo of the freedom of self I now feel it is also a reflection of you.


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    1. It’s important to let our light shine for ourselves as well, as we then have more light to share with others.

      We are all reflections of each other, we share many common experiences and emotions, and we tend to find those like us, whether consciously, or unconsciously, we are drawn to each other, somehow knowing that we are the same, even before we do.

      The most important part of anyone’s journey from the darkness is willingness, or ‘to consider,’ that opens the door just enough to let some light in, and then, hopefully, we find the courage to open that door, and then one day, step through.

      So happy to walk this path with you John, SLAY on!


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