Powerful Mind

I was speaking with someone the other day and sharing that I had strained my neck. I was feeling a lot of discomfort and stiffness which brought up feelings from a past car accident I had two years ago yesterday. We have talked, in the past, about not retelling the story of the accident, as it doesn’t serve me to do so, and it causes my mind and body to relive the events of that day and the weeks and months following it. I explained to her how I strained it and she stopped me, and told me to focus on my neck feeling good, not how badly I was actually feeling in the moment. I often talk about focusing on the positive, and I do do that, but sometimes I forget just how powerful our minds really are, and that we do have the capability to heal much of what bothers us when we choose to believe it has already happened and we can visualize ourselves in that place. Now, obviously there are cases where a medical attention or mental health experts are needed, but we have much more power in our minds than we realize.

I took what she said to heart, as she is actually an expert in her field, and I began to do what I know to do physically for my neck, but also consciously thinking and envisioning it feeling great and moving the way it should. I started Friday afternoon and by Monday I was pretty much back to normal, which seems somewhat surprising seeing as I was in tremendous pain last week and had lost mobility in my neck and shoulders. Now, getting treatment Friday put me on the right path physically, but I truly believe that much of my recovery has been centered in my mind. Now, whether my positive thoughts did help me recover faster or not, I’ve been reminded about my own power as I navigate through life and plan on continuing to make a conscious effort to use my own power to not only think positive thoughts, but to tell my body how it feels at any given moment instead of succumbing to what I think it’s telling me. If I feel tired, I will concentrate and tell myself I am rested, ready to tackle the day, and have the energy to do what needs to be done. If I am afraid, I will tell myself I have courage and am confident I can achieve what I am setting out to do. When I think of my future, the great unknown, I will tell myself I have a bright and promising future and that many great things are waiting for me. Even just typing those last few sentences I already feel a boost of positivity and energy.

Coming from a place, years ago, of negative thinking and negative self-talk, I know the power our words have on ourselves, so why not use that power for good? For me, I am making a commitment to ramp up my positive thoughts and put them into action, not just think them, to make real changes in my life. Like anything else, the more we practice a technique or way of life, the better and easier it becomes, so I am careful not to judge myself if my old thinking, or even a current state of being comes through that doesn’t fit into that encouraging positive mold, I can just acknowledge it and get back to work!

It’s time to tell our mind, body and spirit we’re great, and to keep ourselves in a productive positive place to best serve us and those around us. Many of us do have obstacles to overcome, but we can, or perhaps just lessen them, by getting our powerful minds to work for us instead of against us. In my mind, you’ve already done it, and you’re doing it beautifully. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you realize the power of your own thoughts? How has being positive, and thinking positive turned into positive results for you? How have negative thoughts affected you? Do you consciously work thinking in a positive way, envisioning positive outcomes for yourself? If not, why not? If yes, how have you seen the results in your life? Center yourself, focus on the power of your mind, and send a message to it and your body that you are more than OK and ready to win!

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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