If It Costs You Your Peace It’s Too Expensive

I used to let my stubbornness steal my peace. If there was something I wanted, I was hellbent on making it happen, no matter what the cost. I felt like no matter what,, I was determined to win. As a result I caused myself a lot of stress, frustration, and, it often cost me my peace, but back then I was hard pressed to find peace, so I just took it as the price to pay for what I wanted. I also let relationships steal my peace. I would give them too much power in my life, placing too much importance on having certain ones or maintaining the ones I had. My life was always a power struggle, between what I wanted and the reality of what was actually going on. I was never at peace.

When I stepped on this path I was told that my peace was more important than any of those things. That my mental health and well-being rested in the balance of me allowing life to do what it does and to find peace in it. Not to be a push-over or not go after the things I wanted in life, but to not let it rule my life, and go after it at all costs. The cost was too high if it meant sacrificing my peace. That was my measuring stick of when to stand back. When I felt my anxiety creep up, when I got restless and defiant, maybe even angry, I knew whatever it was I was going after had just become too expensive and I needed to take a step back. It was a change in thought, an overhaul for me, to not throw myself under the bus to attain something I wanted. I had little regard for my own self back then, and even relished in the pain and suffering at times, that I would never back down no matter how difficult it got. That behavior kept me from ever thinking or finding self-love and self-care, in fact, back then I would have told you, succeeding in what I wanted was self-care, even while I was beating myself to the ground.

I am grateful to have found a better way, a gentler way, that is true self-love and self-care, and I no longer feel the need to force things into being right when they may not be, or having to prove I am right. The test is always the same today, if it is costing me my peace, it’s too expensive. But, also knowing the difference between feeling a little uncomfortable, and perhaps out of my comfort zone, and my peace being threatened. It’s not about resting on my laurels and just waiting for life to unfold without taking action, I am still responsible to do the work, but not forcing something into being just because I want it to be, looking for the signs of where to work harder, or where to back off and maybe try a new avenue, always keeping my mind and heart open to new ideas, and, continue saying yes to new things.

We all have been guilty of wanting something so badly we’ve let it rob us of our peace. Stop giving away one of the most valuable assets to your happiness, your peace. Raise the value of your peace above the value you put on those things you want, nothing is worth giving away what you cannot buy or replace. Peace is the word! SLAY on.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you sacrifice your own peace for other things? What things do you let get in front of your peace? Why? What is the result of that? How does that hurt you? How often do you do it? Why do you continue to do it? What can you do to preserve your peace? What do you think will be the result of putting your peace first? How will this help you? What can you do today to find and protect your peace? Nothing is worth your peace SLAYER, protect it and yourself from having to be right, to win, or just wanting something at all costs, there is a cost that is too much, and it is your peace.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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