If It’s Happening To You You Must Need It

I used to think that life was just something that was happening to me. Now, after being on this path for many years, I realize that life is something that is happening for me. And what I mean by that is that what life gives me is what I need. What I need to be a better person. What I need to move forward. What I need to learn, to grow, to give me the opportunities to reach my full potential, and to help me make better choices so I don’t keep making the same mistakes.

I find that when I don’t make the right decisions, or take the right actions, life has a way of giving me those same situations over and over until I do. When I was living in my disease and mentally sick, I would often think, why does this keep happening to me, I was always the victim, never looking at the actions I had taken to get me back to that same place. I didn’t realize that I had the power to stop myself from getting there time and time again. All I had to do was learn and make better decisions and I wouldn’t keep finding myself in those same places. The opportunity to make a better choice came to me yesterday morning. I had handled something poorly a few days prior, and was upset at myself for how I let a frustrating situation affect me, and ruin something else I enjoy because I couldn’t let go of the frustrating situation. I thought about it after, how I could have handled it better, and lo and behold that same frustrating situation popped up again, around the same event, I could feel the frustration bubble up from my belly, and I took a deep breath and stayed calm. Ultimately it situation was worked out, it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked, but it got done, and, I handled it with much more grace than I had a few days before. When I thought about it later, I smiled, because I realized that things didn’t go smoothly yesterday morning so I would have the opportunity to do it better than I had, and when something like that pops up again, I can think back to yesterday morning and remember what the right action is to take, and how much better it felt to not let it get the best of me.

When I look back at my life when I lived in the darkness, I am grateful for it. I am grateful that I survived, because I shouldn’t have, and I am grateful for all of those things that didn’t go my way, or didn’t go well, or just didn’t go, because I have since learned from them. I look at them all as lessons, as information and chances to do better today, to know what I don’t want or need, and to know that I have the power of choice today.  I have more knowledge and I have enough self-love to make the right decisions and choices for me, so when things happen that I may find frustrating or aggravating, I now know that that is happening for a reason, that I likely need to work on this part of my life, or fine-tune what I’ve already worked on so that as I move forward I’ve done the work I need to bring me to where I need to be going. Life builds on itself, and if we try to skip the steps or ignore them, we don’t get to move forward and just leave those lessons behind, we stay stuck where we are while life goes on without us.

Look for those lessons in your life. Look to make a situation you might find frustrating into an opportunity to do better, or make different choices, and maybe look at the times in your life that you may have been given this opportunity before and the choices you made around that opportunity. There may just be room for improvement SLAYER, and, that may just be why you find yourself in that space once again. How can you make better choices today so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes again tomorrow? SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you see patterns in your life where you’ve always done certain things one way and the same people, places and things keep coming up as a result? Write down those patterns in your life and what you’ve done about them in the past. What can you do today that may be better choices for you? Do you look at life as something that is happening to you, or do you see the opportunities it provides to teach and challenge you for what may lie ahead? Write down when life gave you an opportunity to do something better. Did you make the improvement? How did that feel? That’s all those events are in our lives. Those little lessons that pop up to challenge us, look at them as your chance to do better for yourself and you may just find they stop popping up, because you’ve moved past the place you were and are on to the place you’re supposed to be.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

2 thoughts on “If It’s Happening To You You Must Need It

  1. As always thank you for your words Carrie. I am in a place where I have been thinking of changing how I handle social situations that cause me a lot of nerves of what to say and how to say it.

    This statement is something I will reflect on. Nothing else can shift in me if I keep running for step number 3 while stumbling over step 2.

    “Life builds on itself, and if we try to skip the steps or ignore them, we don’t get to move forward and just leave those lessons behind, we stay stuck where we are while life goes on without us.”

    Again thank you Carrie ❤

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