Don’t Believe Everything You Think

I’ve done enough work on myself to know my thoughts don’t always speak the truth. They lie to me. My thoughts, when left on their own to run wild, always run to the negative side. They always have. And I used to believe them. Thought they told me the truth. But I know today that they don’t. They don’t want me to succeed. They want to keep me isolated. Alone. So they can continue to talk to me without interruption. And my thoughts, without any interruption, are dangerous, and very nearly, cost me my life.

It’s why it’s important to share with others. To let out what you’re thinking. Not only so it loses it’s power over you, but also so you can have a sounding board, and some feedback from someone else who can listen to those thoughts of yours and tell you if they’re telling the truth or not.

Why do your thoughts betray us? Why would we betray ourselves? Why would we not want the best for ourselves and encourage ourselves? You would think we would, but all too often that negative bullshit committee starts up and tries to tear us down, but here’s the secret…we have the power to stop it.

I didn’t know that my own thoughts were my enemy until I made a commitment to get better. I thought my problems were all outside things and once I changed my habits and my lifestyle those negative thoughts would go away. Well, that didn’t happen, in fact, they got louder because I had taken away all of things I used to self-medicate and numb and quiet those voices. So once those were all gone, those voices got louder. So, how did I counter that noise? By making peace with my past. By learning to love myself. By sharing those thoughts and ideas with others, who then shared theirs with me. By replacing all those bad habits with good ones. And by doing all of those things and building self-esteem. When I started to feel good about myself those voices got quieter, they didn’t have as much to say. And when they did pipe up, I had something to counteract those voices as I started making better choices, healthier choices, for myself. Now, that’s not to say that sometimes they don’t pop in from time to time, they do, but they don’t stay long, and, if they do start to chatter, it’s usually a sign that I need to be doing some work on something, or, need to take better care of myself, because when I’m doing good things and making sure I’m getting what I need, I don’t hear those voices.

Our thoughts can be our own worst enemies. They can destroy things for us even before we’ve started. So knowing that, make sure you are armed and ready when your thinking tries to take over and take away an opportunity, or destroy something really great in your life, don’t listen to them. And, as I always say, look at the facts. What do you know to be true? Start there, and you may just find that those voices don’t have the volume they once did. Take action, do things for yourself that you love, that shows yourself love, that shows those around you love. Those acts keep those voices quiet. Love is the counterattack to those voices and keeps them at bay. Don’t believe everything you think because what you’re thinking is probably a lie. One meant to keep you from who and where you are meant to be. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you have negative chatter in your head? Do you believe that chatter? What does it tell you? Why do you think it’s the truth? What are the facts to back up your belief? What if you stopped listening to them? What if you did the opposite of what they’re telling you? What if you stopped believing them? What if you did so many loving things for yourself that you no longer heard them? You can SLAYER, you can. Stop listening to those voices in your head, nothing good ever came from that anyway, listen to your heart, ask it what it wants, and go get it, that is a sure-fire way to put a muzzle on those negative thoughts.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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