Slayer Say

Good morning SLAYER!  Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction, it’s to pause, and think before you react, and maybe, step away until you can take the next right action. There are no bonus points for speed, take the time you need to gather your thoughts and get the facts.

SLAY on!

State Of Slay Think

2 thoughts on “Slayer Say

  1. In my past my careful thought & contemplation of my response to consider the other person’s feelings was looked at as being weak, now I am realizing it was my exes flaw in thinking not mine. So I am having to relearn to get back to my basics. I try to say to remind myself “To check myself” before I lose my grip. This can be difficult but it will benefit me and those around me.

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    1. And you have a lot less apologizing to do.

      Learning this has been an incredible journey, I had always been known for my quick trigger tongue, lashing out at anyone who I thought deserved it, but I hurt a lot of unsuspecting people in the process.

      I try today to speak to people the way I want to be spoken to, but I’ve also learned to set boundaries of how I want to be spoken to, which causes a lot less friction than my past interactions because I’ve made my intentions known, and if someone can’t communicate with me in a compassionate, rational, honorable way I walk way from that conversation, and instead of walking away and talking about them under my breath, I try to pray for them, and wish them well on their journey.

      I have a lot less resentments and anger this way.

      Love hearing about our journey Lisa, SLAY on!

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