Letting Go

I can already sense some of you tightening your grip as you read the title. Let go. Letting go is an art, a skill that really lets us SLAYERS soar when we set it in motion, it’s what lets us fly to new heights and lightens our hearts.

I never used to let anything go, my grudges ran deep, they were ugly, revengeful, epic, but they only fueled the darkness in me, the anger, hate, and resentment, and ultimately weighed me down and held me back. I would live the incident over and over again, stewing in it, I wasn’t evolving, growing, opening myself up to new experiences and people, I was living in the past. I’ve already talked about forgiving ourselves, how’s that going by the way, finding forgiveness in our own behavior and missteps from a time when we didn’t know better, or, we did but chose not to act better, lets let that person go, release our old sevles into the abyss of the past, we are not those people anymore, and we don’t carry the baggage of our past with us, we are SLAYERS, we move forward leaving our old selves behind to stare anew. And, same goes for people of our past. Those who have hurt us, betrayed us, lied to us, let them go, we’ve learned what we needed from them, and we let them go, we don’t need to carry their extra weight.

Easier said than done right? Well, it can be hard, even on my journey there are certain people, or things, that seem harder to let go of than others, so know, that sometimes it is a journey, letting go, and let yourself go through your process, but ask yourself, why it’s so hard to let it, or them, go, those are typically the situations or people who really got us at our core, shook our foundation, but why, the answer to that will help you in your decision process as you move forward, those answers will give you a warning in the future when we invite new people or things into our lives, we have to ask ourselves if we are safe, we have to ask the questions and find out the facts to keep us safe, so we don’t harm ourselves, or get ourselves into harmful situations, like we’ve been harmed in the past.

How do we let go? Well, for one I look at what I learned. If it really stings, I’ll write it down in my journal, a process, I’ll write down the pros and cons of that situation or relationship and really examine it, especially the cons, remember those, those are what will stop you from doing the same things over and over again, because what’s next is asking yourself what your part was in those things, taking responsibility for the actions you took, you’ve taken part trust me, and then looking at those things, forgiving yourself and making a commitment to yourself to do better for yourself, you deserve better, you do, so remind yourself of that. Now look at other person, the cons, and with forgiveness in your heart let them go. Yeah, I totally just said that. With forgiveness in your heart, I know, it may be a stretch to actually forgive them, hopefully that will come over time, but with forgiveness in your heart for yourself, and them, let them go. When I’m struggling to do that I will pray for that person. No, I haven’t gone completely nuts, I pray for them, or wish, that they receive all of the things I would want for myself, and I will do that every day for two weeks, it totally works. After that two weeks I have to let them go, or at the very least, don’t want something dastardly to happen to them. Don’t believe me? Try it SLAYER.

At the end of the day we’re all sick in our own ways, and some are sicker than others, we were probably drawn to these people because we saw something in them that we see in ourselves, maybe our intentions were self motivated, or we saw a weakness we could exploit, speaking for the old me here, so in thinking about the other person and what they may fight themselves makes it a little easier to let them go and to let them fight their own battles as you continue on and fight yours. As SLAYERS we walk with love in our hearts, not hate, letting go of the past let’s love in and helps us to heal our broken hearts. I love you SLAYER!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Who are what do have trouble letting go of? Make a list. What’s your part in that relationship or situation? Are you able to forgive yourself for your part? If not why? Why are you still attached to this person or situation? How is it serving you to hold on? How is it hurting you? Let it go. Let them go. Pray or wish that that person receives everything you would want for yourself, do it SLAYER, every day for two weeks, it will change things, shift them, and maybe even give you the relief of letting them go. SLAY on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. As always you write what is in my head. If it was only as simple as that. Did you have that one person that you just can’t forgive quiet yet? That’s where I am. One to go until total freedom.

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    1. Ha! I find that we always hear what we need to hear when we’re open to it ; )

      I certainly had people that took more work than others. People that I had to find compassion for or an understanding of before I was fully able to let them go, or what the did.

      At the end of the day, people are who they are, although some are quite good at deceiving us, but most show us who they are and we make the decision to stay, or choose to excuse it away. Family is a bit different of course, you’re in there for the long haul, but we get to choose to what extent, we get to choose what we share or how close they get.

      For those that are hard to let go the question is why is it so hard? How does it serve you to hang on? Are you hoping for something? Are you angry at yourself? What’s keeping that person attached to you, even only emotionally.

      Think about how incredible it will be to cut the cord, to let them go, to release that anger, or pain, or disappointment, or whatever it is that’s holding you there. Think about that freedom, think about what it would be like to loose that baggage or weight, focus on that, whatever is keeping you tied to this person may start to dissipate as you focus on what it’s like to leave them behind.

      Or is that the fear? Are you attached to the attachment of that past?

      For me, my hardest one was about finding compassion for that person, for trying to look at them as someone who is struggling with their own battles, which doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it softened how I felt about them, and I was able to see them in a different light and was able to let go. It time, and help from a counselor and others, but it happened, and when it did, it felt so good to loosen my grip and let them go.

      You’ve got some work to do, but I know you’ll get there. It is a process, allow yourself to do through yours and love yourself through it.

      SLAY on.


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