Kindness Is Contagious

This is something we should all be happy to spread around, kindness, and it only takes a second. These days, when we are out, there’s a lot of different energy, it may be nervous, frustrated, fear-based, it may just be trying not to touch anyone or anything and get back home safely, but amidst all of that, we should always remember to be kind. We’re all in the same boat and for some, still needing to get essentials and supplies, people may be suffering from anxiety and other issues as they navigate through the isles to find what they need, trying not to go against the arrows and direction of the store and perhaps finding empty shelves or restrictions on what how many items they can buy. And, if you’re like me, you can pick up on that energy and begin to take it on as your own, but that is where kindness comes into play, because the antidote to all of that energy and feelings is kindness. Focusing on being kind calms me down, it keeps me even, considerate and compassionate to those around me, as I navigate through those same isles looking for those same things that you are. And when a moment presents itself to be kind, and many do, I see the result of that in the eyes of the person in front of me, and it changes their energy. We all have the power to be kind, and especially right now, we should be wielding it like a superpower!

When I was living in the dark I still had that power, however, most of the time I chose not to use it, I chose to look at life for what it could give me, what I could take, and how it had let me down. That thinking kept me in a mindset that not only kept me sick, but it kept me miserable, depressed and alone. I certainly had moments when kindness came out, but for the most part I was thinking about me or wanted to get in and out of life without anyone asking any questions, I certainly wasn’t going to draw attention to myself unless I thought it could get me something. When I began my journey on the path I’m on now I was told a big part of my recovery would come from being of service to others, not believing I had anything to give at the start I was told I could always be kind. Just focusing on kindness changed my thinking and overall feelings as I stepped out each day. I began to look for opportunities to be kind, even when I may not have felt up to it, or my best, in fact, I was told, that those were the days I should focus on kindness even more, and I begrudgingly did on those days and mustered up some kindness to share with others, and when I did it changed my mood and brought some light into an otherwise dark day, not only was kindness contagious to those receiving it, but it was always contagious for me. Today I make a point of looking for moments of kindness, even just by saying hello and asking someone how they are, in fact I did it yesterday at the pharmacy, and the man behind the counter looked at me, paused, smiled, and said, “I’m fine, and thank you for asking,” his energy lifted, and we shared a brief pleasant exchange before I left the store. We both felt the power of kindness.

It’s easy to rush around out there and be hyper-focused on the tasks at hand, but let’s not forget the others out there who are doing the same, and may be doing them under stress, fear and anxiety, maybe take some extra time to watch out for those people, or thank those front line workers who are taking care of us, checking our groceries or making our coffee, or taking our temperature and let them know they are appreciated. We are all in this together, so why not spread something good while we’re out there and make things a little brighter for everyone. Let your kindness be a light during an uncertain time. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: When you are out do you think about kindness? Do you make a point of being kind? If not, why not? How do you feel when someone says or does something kind for you? How do you feel when you do those same things or someone else? Have you made an extra effort to be kind lately? If not, why not? Has someone made an effort to be extra kind to you? How did that feel? That feeling is a gift we can give to anyone we see, and it is a gift we will get back when we do. Spread some kindness throughout your day and let’s make all of our days better.

S – self  L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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