Make Your Life A Masterpiece

We’re staying with family this week, and are surrounded by beautiful art. On every wall is the work of our hostess, or works of others, and I find myself getting lost in what they say to me, the artistry and their expression of life, and it got me thinking, we are all the artists of our own lives, we hold the brush and can make our lives full of expressions of who we are. Now, we don’t have to be an actual artist to make a masterpiece, or many, masterpieces can look like our family, hobbies, dance, kindness to others, anything that shows our spirit and who we truly are. So many times we get bogged down with life, what we have to do, what we think we should be doing or what we want to show others, instead of living out loud and expressing our true selves in whatever form we choose.

When I was living in the in my disease there were no masterpieces in my life, only darkness. I had lost hope that I could even contribute anything beautiful to the world, and thought my heart and spirit had gotten so dark that what I may have had at one time was lost in my pit of despair. My head would tell me I had nothing to contribute, and as an artist, that damaged my soul. When I made a commitment to get better I fought each day to find the masterpieces in my life, and the color I had once seen so vividly in my heart. I focused on gratitude, whatever I could do to keep my mind on a positive path, and to try to look for the color and beauty in my life, and, eventually I found it, slowly, it started to creep back in. I also learned that I was capable of many masterpieces, many more than I had ever seen before or had been a part of, and that sometimes my masterpiece, for that day, was simply smiling. Our masterpieces start from within. How we express our masterpieces vary on who we are and what inspires us to share that beauty we have from within.

As I sit here among all of this great art, I can appreciate the work, passion and beauty that has gone into each piece, and as each of them hangs on the wall, we, those who see these works, can appreciate and perhaps be inspired to create some art of our own. That art is personal to us, and how we express is it unique to how our spirit speaks through us. But even on a day to day scale, we can make masterpieces at any moment of any day, by simply honoring who we are and those around us.

Take out the paint brushes in your life and paint your masterpieces for the world to see, let the world see you and all of your beauty, allow who you are to be seen and share that with those around you. It’s up to you, how you paint the world, and what you paint for yourself, make your life a work of art. SLAY on!

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you share your true spirit and who you are with the world? If yes, how do you do that? If no, why not? What do you appreciate about the beauty in your life? How can you share more of who you are? In what ways can you share your true beauty in different ways you may not have before? Have you wanted to share yourself in those ways before but haven’t? What has stopped you? We all have special gifts SLAYER, and are meant to share those gifts, to let ourselves shine and to shine a light for others who may need to see your light. Let your light shine in a way that shows off your best work, your masterpiece may just inspire someone else to start their greatest work.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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