Shine Bright

I was touched yesterday when a friend reached out to me with a hand drawn picture and a message of hope. She said her son had drawn it as a response to my involvement with a Valentine’s Day campaign from IMALIVE to send out a message of love to those who are struggling. I got involved initially to do just that, send out the message that you, or anyone, are not alone, that you matter, that your voice deserves to be heard, and I didn’t expect the young voice of my friend’s son to be inspired to take action. It reminds me that when we put out a message of hope, when we take action, when we open our own hearts, we may touch someone else’s, and that may inspire them to share their heart with others. I’ve written before about how we may touch people’s lives without realizing it, people we may not know, or may never have a conversation with, it’s about putting our best selves out to the world, showing the world, and people around us, who we are and what we stand for, letting our hearts shine bright, and when we do that that light may reach someone who is sitting in the dark.

When I stepped on this path, I was in a very dark place, so dark that there was only one tiny speck of light, like a penlight, off in the distance, but it was that light that I kept walking toward, even when I would lose sight of it, my life depended on it, so I kept trudging forward. It was during that time that it was pointed out to me that our light can get brighter when we help someone light theirs. No matter how low or dark we may be, there is always someone who is lower, or darker, or maybe they’re in the same place, but when we reach out to offer support, to lend a hand, or to just let them know we’re there, that dim light gets brighter, for both of us, and so as suggested, I worked to share that little bit of light I had, not really trusting it was enough to help anyone on their path, and as I did my light did get brighter, and as it got brighter I found the confidence to reach out to more people and eventually found my calling to be of service to those who may be struggling in the dark.

The best cure for any day when we get stuck in our heads, or in the “poor me’s” is to do something for someone else, it will get you out of self every time, and no matter how low you may feel, you always have something to offer someone who may be feeling lower. Or, at the very least, band together to give each other strength. It always seems, especially on social media, that the negative voices out there are the loudest, but we have the power to change that. Let’s make some positive noise out in the world, let’s love and support one another because when we do, we all rise. What can you do today to give back? What can you do to make someone’s day brighter? How can you spread love instead of hate? We never know how our actions can create a chain reaction of good, how what we do may inspire someone else to take action, and so on. We are all in this together, no one should walk alone, and here at STATE OF SLAY no one does, we all walk together on this path, we light the way for those who need it, we burn bright, and, we burn brighter together. SLAY on.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Have there been times in your life that someone’s light helped you walk through a dark place? Have you been that light for someone else? How did that make you feel? Have there been times when you felt you were in the darkness and by sharing the light you did have, your light got brighter? How can you spread more light in your life? What can you do to take action? All we can do is put our true selves out there, to shine bright, to offer the best of who we are with the best of intentions, how that is received is completely out of our hands, but in the end, light always beats out the dark. Let your light shine SLAYERS.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

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