If You Wobble You’re In The Right Place

I like to challenge myself, I like to push and see how far I can go, I’ve never been one to stay where I am and make the safe decision or hide in my comfort zone, I guess you could say I’m a little dare-devil, obvious by the scrapes I’m still nursing from my wipe out in Mexico over Christmas, I’m not reckless, I used to be, but I do like to see how far I can go past where I think I can. I was in a yoga class recently and we were in a balancing pose, a tricky pose, and a pose that can be pushed to challenge yourself, and the instructor said, “if you wobble you’re in the right place,” meaning, you’re challenging yourself, because it’s not about just standing there looking pretty in a place that is safe for you, it’s about anchoring yourself in your foundation and then seeing how far you can go, or maybe trying it from a slightly different position. This struck me as the perfect metaphor for the top of the year. As we start a new year I challenge you SLAYERS to wobble, to get out of your comfort zones, the places you know you are safe, where you know what’s going to happen, I challenge you to dig deep, find a solid footing and then stretch out, twist, turn, shake…and wobble.

Challenging ourselves can be scary, but if we start to change our attitude or perspective on those challenges and start to embrace and look forward to them, you’ll find as you start to challenge yourself more that you’ll gain more confidence in yourself and what you are able to do. So what if you fall? We all fall, that’s how we learn, so go for it and you may just surprise yourself. And when you do succeed, and perhaps the victory at first is just in trying, celebrate that, celebrate you, even if it’s just with a smile to yourself, you’ve won, and remember that the next time an opportunity comes up to let yourself shine. For many of us we can feel alone, or isolated, but when you start to challenge yourself and try new things you meet new people, it just happens, and typically these people have similar interests to your own, that’s probably how you’ve met new people in the past, and when you open yourself up to meeting new people your world gets bigger, it gets brighter, and your challenges become less scary because you start to share them with others, or maybe we all tackle some of them together. Something else that happens when we meet new people and we start to challenge ourselves outside of our comfort zone is that we start to expand our interests, we are exposed to new things, new ideas, new activities with new people which causes us to ask questions, to research and to join in and participate in life. Overcoming those little wobbles as we grow and expand our lives gives us opportunities to rise to the occasion, which helps us grow and it’s through adversity or hardship that learn and become who we are meant to be.

Life is going to do it’s thing, it’s always throwing curve balls at us, but we are less likely to get knocked down if we find comfortability in the wobble, because if we’ve been challenging ourselves a little wobble here and there isn’t going to throw us or knock us down, we’ll know that no matter what the outcome we will come out stronger and better for having gone through it, life’s little wobbles won’t seem so big and scary because we’re challenging ourselves every day, so next time you find yourself in an opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone, do it, and if you find you’re wobbling, smile, because that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be.

SLAY OF THE DAY: Do you walk through life in your comfort zone? Do you try to stay there where it’s safe? Why do you do that? Are you happy there? Truly happy? Has your comfort zone gotten you to where you want to be? What if you took a step out? What if you challenged yourself to go beyond where you have before? What if you tried something new? Or tried it a different way? I challenge you SLAYER to push yourself, to let yourself wobble and trust that you’re going to be OK, trust that it’s in the wobble where you will learn, were you will gain confidence, where you will get stronger. Write down 5 examples where you pulled back when you should have pushed further, and then write down how you will push further the next time. SLAY on.

S – self L – love A – appreciate Y – you

4 thoughts on “If You Wobble You’re In The Right Place

  1. Great post Carrie. I think your analogy of wobbling to growing, in essence, is a good one. The dilemma with me regarding trying new things and meeting new people is that professionally, as a writer and interviewer I do just fine with that. However, personally, it’s a different story because I tend to segment the two – personal and professional. It’s not easy for me to open myself up to people deeply so I’ve got to work on wobbling and getting to the next level. Funny that you should mention the comparison to your yoga practice because in yoga, even though I am not the most flexible I do try and take my positions to the next level. I guess that’s a start! A work in progress!

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    1. That is a start Chris, and it seems you’ve already got it in you to work past the wobble, it’s just applying to your personal life. Trust that you won’t fall, and even if you do, you’ll be OK, and push your personal life to the next level, just like in yoga.

      SLAY on!


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